NEW MUSIC FRIDAY – Black Friday Edition

Happy(?) Black Friday! It’s the start of a busy retail weekend. I guess if you’re buying gifts for those you love and yourself, why not get a deal? Well, please make sure you spend a little extra internet sweat trying to find items from local and independent retailers who will celebrate your $20 purchase, opposed to a big box store or Amazon, for whom any purchase is treated as an expectation. As we approach another season of COVID shutdown, consider these retailers. Having a look around your neighbourhood surely shows businesses that have closed and will never reopen. Those vacancies are also more likely to become check-cashing stores or fast-food restaurants, as opposed to a groovy little boutique or a cafe. So, even though the sentiment has likely even hammered home, buy local and independent, for the good of business. Capitalism isn’t bad, greed is.

RANT OFF. Here’s some great music.

First off, from my favourite province comes Sophia Bel. She’s releasing her sophomore EP today, titled Princess of the Dead, Vol. II. Lead single No More ticks many boxes for me – superb vocals that show range, great music and melody. Have a watch-listen below.



Thanksgiving? How about FRANKsgiving? For those of you who are fans of Frank Zappa, or just for the curious, Alex Winter’s now-out documentary, ZAPPA is available to view at home, via these links. This documentary of the controversial, prolific composer and musician looks fantastic and to accompany its release is a 68-track-long soundtrack album featuring never-before-heard track. More about this film and soundtrack here, along with the trailer for the doc.


Keeping with the theme of avant-garde artists featured in video, German composer, musician and producer of contemporary classical, ambient and electronic music, Nils Frahm is releasing his first concert film and accompanying live album on Dec. 3. I love Frahm’s music for moments of reflection, thought, meditation or for no damn good reason. Below is a snippet of the movie, the lovely track Fundamental Values. Dig in for more on Dec. 3 via the links below.



Maybe you want to put a little Meg Warren in your online shopping cart today. Meg is a Newfoundland-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter. Her self-engineered, mixed, and co-produced EP, A Thousand Ways is out today. Judging only on the lead single, If I Can’t Do It The Way I Want, Then I Don’t Want To Do It At All, there’s a reason to be excited. With great vocals, jarring guitars and loveable synths, this song is set to be played on repeat.

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Sophia Bel photo by Roxanne Selleck
Zappa photo by Roelof Kiers
Nils Frahm photo by Manuel Wagner
Meg Warren photo by Emily Evans

Aron Harris
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