Morgan Kibby returns to the ADDICTED Music Dept. as Sue Clayton

Morgan Kibby aka White Sea has been featured here in the Music Dept a few times and for anyone in the know, they would understand why.

Her first, most recognizable appearance in the music we love came from albums and tours with M83 as keyboardist and vocalist. Her personal project White Sea produced a pair of stunning electronic pop albums. In addition, Kibby lent her vocal and remixing skills to various artists. Moving into composition and songwriting, Morgan worked with artists like Panic! At The Disco, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Phantogram, Mandy Moore and Butch Walker. From a film and TV show (are they still called that?) standpoint, she composed the scores for The Watcher, BAFTA winner Am I Being Unreasonable, Tales of the Walking Dead, American Horror Story and most recently the Amazon Prime hit, The Power.

The two of us chat about a bit of this but the conversation focuses more on her deeply personal new album Rookie assigned to Kibby’s musical alter-ego, Sue Clayton. Morgan is such a smart and funny person who oozes talent. This is a great chat, so watch the whole damn thing.
Rookie can be heard here:

Our last chat can be heard here:

Aron Harris
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