Mitski Makes Good On Her Toronto Massey Hall Stopover

Torontonians love Mitski. And, as it turns out, she loved Massey Hall and its sold-out crowd right back.

The audience’s screams were undeniable. A recorded message by the singer (barely audible) reminded everyone to keep their masks on for the safety of all in attendance.

Walking out with her five-piece band – with an oversized prop door looming centre stage – Mitski instantly set things ablaze with the one-two jab of “Should’ve Been Me” and “Love Me More” from her newest album, Laurel Hell.

Mitski Miyawaki and centre stage prop door at Massey Hall. Photo by Myles Herod

Oscillating between her four recent records, the Japanese-born artist accompanied such highlights as “Francis Forever” and “First Love / Late Spring” with cathartic pantomime punches and limber, languid twirls.

Met with awe from the noticeably young, and predominately female, audience, the 23 songs performed throughout the evening gelled perfectly within the venue’s intimate setting.

It was a show in abundance of sparks and disquiet power, with a star who exudes mystery better than most of her generation.

Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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