Mapiful: Meaningful wall art made by you

They say you should make a house a home, and whoever said that was right. When it comes to making a place your own, big or small, it does come down to a personal touch. That’s what makes the most significant difference when making your home personal and a place you want to spend your time.

That includes a full range of home decor that means something to you. For me, it’s not about filling space with random items that look good. It’s about placing things in the room that I love that make me happy, make my life more comfortable or maybe bring a smile to my face.

If you’re like me and just moved into a new place, you may require some new art, or maybe you aren’t going anywhere, but it’s time for a change; either way, I think it’s always nice to have some personal pieces.

So, while recently searching online, I came across Mapiful and instantly wanted to learn more.

Mapiful offer thoughtful, personal wall art in the form of maps, zodiacs, stars and text and it’s all designed by you. I made and ordered a Classic Mapiful and the Zodiac wall poster, along with two frames, and here’s how it went.

First, we hopped onto their website and peaked at their inspiration board to get an idea of styles and choices. After that, it was time to start designing.

For me, I wanted to get a piece that was meaningful to my partner, so I ordered a Mapiful Map of Melbourne, as he’s Australian, and that’s his favourite city. Secondly, we designed a zodiac for Sagittarius, as, ironically, my partner and I are also born on the same day, December 20th, a year apart, so it was a perfect fit.





We went through and chose the text, style, poster format, and size that we wanted for both. As we did, the site suggested the perfect matching frames in varying choices, and we picked a natural wood frame and gold. It’s as easy as one, two, three.



Once we double-checked, we placed our order.

In what seemed like record time (it was only a few days), our prints and frames arrived, neatly and safely packed and intact. As we unpacked, we were delighted by the prints and the frames.



The Mapiful Map and Zodiac personalised prints and complimentary frames are the perfect addition to our living room and office. They are fun, creative, whimsical, and, best of all, meaningful and personal to us and our life together.



So, if you’re looking to add a little something special to your home, check out the fun and creative process that Mapiful offers with a truly unique product you’ll be delighted to add to your home.



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!