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5 Reasons Why Having a Hobby is Good for Your Mental Health

No matter where we live and what we do, we’re all surrounded by a ton of negativity and have to spend the biggest part of our day at work, so having a hobby is the best thing in the world….


Dream Job Diary with Rei Misiri

Breaking out and following your own path can be hard, but for some, the dream comes true and they get to live their true passion day in and day out. Rei Misiri is one of those people. Rei is a…

Fire artist Spazuk and Zippo create something beautiful

Iconic American brand Zippo has launched a captivating video showcasing the genius of Canadian artist, Steven Spazuk. Known as the Fire Artist, Steven employs the fascinating ‘fumage’ technique, which casts aside traditional tools such as paintbrushes in favor of painting…

Toronto Light Festival brightens up a dreary winter

At this time of year we could really use something, anything to brighten up our lives, and if you live in Toronto, or are coming to visit our fine city, you must come and visit the Toronto Light Festival on…