Tested: Digby, Canada’s first online paint company

Whether you’ve moved into a new placed filled with white walls, or you’ve just spent to much time in lockdown staring at your boring beige walls, it might just be time for an update.

If you’re like me and just moved into a new place, it can be such a fun and exciting time. Moving can also be tiring and challenging, and in a lockdown, it can be hard to get inside a hardware or paint store to get what you need during a global pandemic.

What if you could get samples, paint and all the gear you need, sent right to your door, made to order? Say hello to Digby Paints.

Canada’s first online paint retailer, Digby, is changing the game when it comes to painting.

First, pop online and take a look at their selection of paints. Once you have a few colours that have tickled your fancy, make your choices, and your samples will arrive in the mail. Why Samples? You can temporarily stick them to the wall to give you a better idea of how the paint will look in the space before committing.

Once you’ve spent a little time making your selections, place your order. While at it, you can also get a paint kit that includes all the tools you need to perform the perfect paint job. The kit consists of; drop mat, brush, rollers, painting tape. When the paint arrives, it comes with the number of stir sticks as cans of paint you have ordered, aka three cans, three stir sticks.

Once the paint (and other supplies) arrive, all perfectly packaged and waiting at your doorstep, you can unpack and paint at your leisure.



We painted feature walls in 3 rooms of the house—an accent wall in the living room, downstairs bathroom, and the office.


The Living Room:

When we moved in, the whole place was white walls, and while I love white, it doesn’t feel like home to me until you’ve painted, so that we did.

For the living room, we have medium wood floors, lots of white and accents of grey, gold, and black, so I wanted to add a real pop of colour to the room, bring all the muted items together, and create a focal point in the space.

We decided on Slippery When Wet, a deep, reasonably dark blue that transformed the space from sunny and sullen to bright, bold and beautiful.

It turned out exactly how I wanted. While painting with darker colours can be challenging, I must admit that this colour rolled on perfectly, with two solid coats, it provided truly excellent coverage.

See for yourself!



The Home Office:

Next, we moved onto the feature wall in the office. As with the living room, the office was four white walls, and even after we put up some art, it still felt a little unlived.

So, we painted the Jazzquarium feature wall in the office to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and paired it with white and wood throughout. The colour is bold while somehow offering a calm feeling and added that extra something we needed in the office and brought the space together as I hoped it would.

We still have a few things to add in there, but it looks just perfect for me.


The Guest Bathroom:

Last, we started in the downstairs bathroom with Digby’s Wanderlust. Just like the others, it was a sea of white, but I wanted to turn it into a sea of white and blue. When we painted the feature wall, it all came together and no longer felt like endless white space and turned into feeling like a cosy bathroom.

It did add some much-needed interest to the room, with a pop of very soothing colour, perfect for a guest bathroom.



From ordering, delivery, products to painting, we have to admit, Digby has made the process as easy and enjoyable as humanly possible. Not only did we appreciate the time and effort they must have put into making these experiences so seamless, but the products they offer are also top-notch.

We also love that instead of an overwhelming selection of colours, Digby has curated a range of bright to bold, calm to cold. We think it makes the process so much easier, which’s on top of the ease of ordering and quality of products. If you’re still wondering, we’re putting our stamp of approval on Digby since we are addicted.

Now, there’s just one question left, where can we find more white space?



Products provided by the brand for the purpose of review.



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