Looking rested with Restylane Eyelight

“Are you ok? You look tired.”

As someone with perpetual dark circles under my eyes, it’s a question I’m all too familiar with.  I’ve often joked that I can get a full night’s sleep and still look like I’ve pulled an all nighter, thanks to my deep-set eyes and darker undereye skin.  After years of practice I now have a deft hand with concealer, but I’d always dreamed of looking well rested without all the work. Then I learned about Restylane Eyelight.

The Product

A new innovation in the field of aesthetics, Restylane Eyelight was created by Galderma, the world’s largest independent dermatology company that was founded in 1981, who now service over 100 countries.  Restylane Eyelight is a targeted hyaluronic acid injectable dermal filler made for the undereye area that corrects under-eye hollowing caused by a lack of volume under the eyes.  But what makes Restylane Eyelight different than other fillers?  It’s all in the eyes – or, in this case, the undereyes.  To learn more, and to try out the treatment for myself, I visited Dr. Lisa Kellett, one of Toronto’s premier dermatologists, and founder of the luxurious DLK on Avenue, one of Toronto’s most exclusive skincare destinations.

“The under-eye region is often one of the first parts of the face to show signs of aging. When people visit my clinic, they are looking for treatment options that can address the tired look, which can also make you feel older than you are,” said Dr. Lisa Kellett, Dermatologist, DLK on Avenue.  The goal of Restylane Eyelight is to give patients natural-looking results, helping them to look less tired and more rested.  It contains hyaluronic acid, part of Galderma’s proprietary NASHA® gel technology, and contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic, to make the treatment more comfortable.  And once the product is injected into place, it stays put, making it safer and more effective for the undereye area. In evaluations conducted 12 months after the first treatment, 84 per cent of patients were still pleased with their results; 89 per cent thought their results looked natural; and 79 per cent reported looking less tired.

Prior to Restylane Eyelight, there were no tailored options for undereye filler.  “It is exciting that there are multiple treatment options that are safe and effective to meet the various needs of patients,” Dr. Kellett shared with me. To say I was instantly sold was an understatement, so I enthusiastically entreated Dr. Kellett to share her skills and expertise with me.

The Treatment

Dr. Kellett began my appointment by applying a generous amount of numbing cream under my eyes, covering everywhere that may become an injection point.  Once the numbness had set in, Dr. Kellett alternated between injecting the Eyelight filler directly with a needle, or by leveraging a cannula, a thin tube that is used to manoeuvre the filler into delicate areas like the undereye.  The entire process took less than an hour, and I knew I was in great hands.

The Experience

True to the doctor’s word, the treatment was easy to sit through, with little to no discomfort despite actual needles near my eyes.  Dr. Kellett has also has a deft and gentle hand, and checked in with me frequently to ensure I was comfortable throughout the process.  If you’re not squeamish, feel free to check out my IRL experience in the video below.  Note that I was filming myself, which gives you an idea of how tolerable the treatment was.  If I look nervous, it’s more about the needles near my eyeballs, and trying to stay still while filming, than anything.  With all that in mind, here’s the video of my Restylane Eyelight experience at DLK on Avenue.

The Recovery

Initially, there was some mild bruising and swelling around my undereyes, which cleared up within the first 48 hours post treatment.  Dr. Kellett recommends a follow-up appointment around the 3 week mark post treatment to ensure both doctor and patient are satisfied with the results.  And speaking of…


The Results

Check out a before, right after and after healing comparison below.  I think the results speak for themselves.

To learn more about Restylane Eyelight, head to the Galderama website here.  To learn more about the amazing Dr. Kellett and DLK on Avenue, check out their website here.





Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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