Lime Cordiale Deliver a Sweet and Silly Show at Toronto’s Velvet Underground

As a band, Lime Cordiale is pure theatricality.

Formed by brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, the Australian duo inhabit colourful western “nudie” suits and strong music chops, all while performing songs with clever twists.

At Toronto’s Velvet Underground, the audience was ready to meet that challenge.

Unsurprisingly, Lime Cordiale began their set in dramatic pantomime, posing while backlit, eventually launching into ‘On Our Own’ and other tracks from their 2020 LP, 14 Steps To A Better You.

Brother Oli Leimbach of Lime Cordiale. Photo by Myles Herod

Accompanied by diverse touring musicians, which incorporated trombone, clarinet, trumpet and even kazoo, those extra textures added muscle to the brother’s guitar and drum bedrock.

Elsewhere, a good mix of the old and the new was given proper thought – with ‘Facts of Life’ going down very nicely to a piano solo leading into the band’s biggest hit, ‘Robbery’.

The good vibes continued to spread across the entire evening. Although their own music might be somewhat simple in structure, the love between Lime Cordiale and the audience was evident from the moment they walked onstage.


Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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