In Photos: Festival d’été de Québec Makes a Triumphant Return in its 54th Year

Festival season is back in full force. Later than we like, ADDICTED kicked it off in Québec City at Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ). Each year, FEQ attracts thousands of local and international crowds to the Plains of Abraham. The festival truly has something for everyone with a lineup full of different genres, local artists, emerging talent, and international superstars. This July marked a celebratory return for the festival.

ADDICTED was lucky enough to catch Sum 41, Rage Against the Machine, Half Moon Run, Garbage, Alexisonfire, Walk the Moon, The OBGMs, Renforshort, Walk Off the Earth, and July Talk this year.


The OBGMs were high on our list of must-see bands and they certainly did not disappoint. With an unbeatable energy and a passion for connecting with their fans, the Canadian punk band made it their mission to put on an unstoppable show. They brought the community aspect of punk rock to a large festival stage as lead vocalist Densil McFarlane spent just as much time in the crowd – moshing, jumping, and singing along with the audience – as he did on stage.


FEQ is known for bringing classic rock icons to their stages, this year hosting 90’s rock group Garbage. Well-known for their hits, Only Happens When It Rains and Stupid Girl, the band played to a sold out crowd of thousands on the expansive Plains of Abraham on FEQ’s main stage, the Bell Stage.

Sum 41

A staple in the playlist of any 2000’s pop punk fan, Sum 41 closed out the night on the Loto-Québec stage to a crowd of thousands who had been lining up for the show all day. A large skull with a fiery Toronto skyline made for a very punk rock backdrop to the band’s electrifying live set.


Toronto pop artist Renforshort has been gaining traction online with a steady release of relatable, youth-driven tracks dealing with anxiety, romance, self-confidence, and friendship. Her live set was a captivating performance highlighting her stellar vocal talents, and genuine connection with her fans.


Alexisonfire are one of those bands that ADDICTED never tire from seeing live, no matter how many times we’ve been to their shows. Having recently released Otherness, their first full-length album in 13 years, the post-hardcore band put on an exhilarating performance full of new and nostalgic favourites.

Rage Against the Machine

A leg injury didn’t stop Rage Against the Machine‘s lead vocalist Zack de la Rocha from giving it his all on stage during the band’s highly anticipated set. Known for their heavy music and political activism, Rage Against the Machine commented on colonialism, injustice against Indigenous people in Canada, and reproductive rights throughout their show.

Walk Off The Earth

On the final day of the festival, Walk Off The Earth kicked off the evening with an upbeat set to a crowd of devoted fans. Showing off their flair for creativity, the band took their own unique spin on classic covers and performed a number of their most popular tracks.

Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon kept the energy at an all time high with their set full of slick dance moves and catchy tunes. Their hit song, Shut Up And Dance, has been stuck in our heads since this performance.

Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run closed the festival on Sunday night. Tight harmonies, looping guitars, an eye-catching light show, and psychedelic visuals made a truly mesmerizing performance.

July Talk

Following the close of the festival, July Talk kept the music going at Extra FEQ, a late night showcase. ADDICTED has covered July Talk live several times. Each time, their high-energy performance and onstage chemistry leaves the audience captivated.


The 2023 edition of FEQ has been given the dates of July 6-16. Stay tuned to FEQ’s website to get details as they’re announced.


Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

Contributor at ADDICTED
Cassandra is a writer and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015, she picked up a camera and dove into concert photography. Since then, she has covered events like Festival d'été de Québec, Wayhome, Toronto Urban Roots Festival, Field Trip, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, and many more.
Cassandra Popescu