LIVE IN PHOTOS: MUNA at History in Toronto

MUNA brought the Life’s So Fun tour to a sold out crowd at History in Toronto on May 14, 2023. The band started their set with a burst of energy, beginning the show with pop party anthem What I Want. The crowd immediately matched their energy, as they jumped up and down and sang along to every word. What struck us the most about MUNA’s live show was the flawless execution of their performance. Throughout the night, the band members were running across stage, hitting choreographed dance moves perfectly on beat, all while singing tight harmonies together.

In addition to the theatrics, MUNA knew how to sincerely connect with their fans. In the middle part of their set, the band played a number of slower tunes and old songs, including Loose Garment and Winterbreak. They told stories about their first show in Toronto at The Drake Underground, and were met with the cheers of some day-one fans who were at that show.

As they started to close out their set, MUNA launched into Anything But Me and threw balloons shaped like miniature horses into the crowd, a cheeky reference to the song lyrics. Watching a couple of horses bop around the crowd as the entire floor of History danced to the track was definitely a moment to remember. During the encore, MUNA ended the night on a high note with their iconic track, Silk Chiffon. 

Relive the night with the photos from our gallery below!


MUNA Setlist
What I Want
Number One Fan
Runner’s High
So Special
No Idea
Loose Garment
Kind of Girl
Around U
Pink Light
Crying on the Bathroom Floor
Home by Now
Anything but Me
One That Got Away


I Know a Place
Silk Chiffon

Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

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Cassandra Popescu