How to Make Your Vacation Memorable for Your Children

Vacations are by design meant to be memorable! So instead of trying to force happiness and excitement, try some of these fun ways to make your holiday more memorable and fun for everyone involved.

With the right attitude and an adventurous spirit, you can create the perfect vacation for anyone.

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Go Somewhere Unique Every Time

There’s a big world out there, and no reason kids’ vacations should all look the same!  Keep things exciting by changing up your destination.  This means paying attention to where your kids have been before and what types of locations they want to see.  If you have to repeat a vacation destination, try to find options and exhibits they haven’t seen before.  Learning new things, experiencing different offerings, and getting to see more of the world can give your children a better chance to develop a healthy curiosity.


Invest In Experiences Instead of Luxury

Although for many people, a vacation is for pampering, for kids, it’s about the things they get to do and see. So try to emphasise the fun experiences you’ll have and save some money on accommodations. Of course, you can still get a hotel that has a hot tub or pool but ensure that’s not the only place you’re spending money.


Encourage They Pick Some of the Activities

Kids want to feel like they’re a part of the planning and decision-making.  You can help this along by giving them the chance to pick some of the activities you do. For example, if you want to, you can pose it as ‘would you rather go to the dinosaur exhibit or panning for gold in a hands-on exhibit?’ From this point on, they’ll remember they got to make that choice and will be more excited to participate.


Take Pictures of the Experience Together

Taking pictures as you go through this vacation together can be an exciting way to make the trip and build memories for the future. However, if you want to escape further into the experience, you can buy disposable cameras so that the photos can’t be flipped through as they’re being taken.  This ensures less time looking at phone screens and more time looking at the incredible things your vacation has to offer.


Don’t Try to Micromanage Everything.

As we travel away from our Jamestown apartments, we can all be prone to micromanaging and controlling most parts of our vacations.  We want to fit as much fun and entertainment into the trip as possible, yet many of us find ourselves stressed for the whole trip. So instead, try to go with the flow a little more!  Pay attention to how everyone else in the group feels about the trip and ensure that there’s flexibility for when plans change.

Vacations are meant to be fun! So take the time to enjoy yourself as well, and your kids won’t be able to talk about anything else for months.



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