How to impress your friends this holiday season

As people begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, you can get ahead of the game by gearing up for Christmas. Whilst the holiday season is always fraught with last-minute errands, you can make your life easier by grabbing the best gifts, decorations and home accessories in just a few clicks. 

Decorating your home is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit but there’s no need to stick with the same old flickering lights or well-worn baubles. If you’re looking for new and innovative ornaments, Decorator’s Warehouse offers a premium selection of Christmas decorations and collections. Incorporating chic winter home accessories into your plans will create a whole new ambience and impress your friends at the same time.


What do you need for a party at home?

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need in advance. Of course, this will depend on the type of party you want to be remembered for. If you’re planning a sophisticated dinner party, you’ll need ingredients for a gourmet meal, exquisite crockery and a selection of glasses to keep your guests in high spirits.

If you’re planning something a little more relaxed, you’re still going to need a decent selection of glasses, but you can switch out the luxury ingredients for snacks and nibbles. With plenty of winter-themed accessories, you can channel the Christmas spirit through crystal champagne flutes, Christmas shot glasses or even etched glasses.



What is a good gift for a new home?

If friends or family members have recently moved into a new home, it’s customary to give a gift. If they’ve found a new home in the winter, it’s even better because you can choose a Christmas gift which works as a great new home gift too.

Home accessories make the perfect gifts at any time of year and they’re a great choice at Christmas. Choose something purely decorative if you’re familiar with the recipient’s tastes or combine function and aesthetics for the ultimate useful gift.

A luxurious herringbone throw is ideal for new homeowners, particularly if they haven’t connected their power yet! Perfect for snuggling on the sofa as the temperature drops or throwing over the comforter on colder nights, the natural colours and subtle herringbone design ensures they’ll look stunning in any environment. What’s more – a discreet personalised leather patch enables you to create a timeless Christmas gift for family and friends.

There are many popular gifts to choose from and candles are always a great idea for homeowners who may not be settled into their new digs yet. To ensure your gift stands out, opt for personalised holders, statement pieces or custom scents to spice things up.


How can I be a good host to houseguests?

Having people to stay gives you the opportunity to welcome them in your home as you celebrate the holiday season and also provides you with the perfect environment to subtly show-off your latest home décor. 

Whether people are staying for an evening, overnight or a week, it’s important to make them feel welcome. As well as having enough food and drinks (just make sure you have a good wine cooler) a few thoughtful touches will single you out as the consummate host. 

Preparing in advance can take the edge of hosting, and it will prevent you from frantically cramming things into cupboards five minutes before your guests arrive. Don’t forget to stock up all of your bathrooms with little luxuries, as well as necessities, and encourage your guests to help themselves. 

If guests are staying overnight, you can really go to town and impress them with your home accessories over the holiday season. Festive comforters, blankets and throws are ideal, whilst extra decorations can give their room a Christmas feel. 

Placing a chocolate on their pillow might be going a little too far but adding a selection of cookies to their bedside table will ensure they always have a snack on hand and give you the chance to showcase your festive crockery.



How do people celebrate winter holidays?

Wintertime is filled with holidays, but it isn’t just Thanksgiving Day and Christmas you need to prepare for. From Hanukkah and Las Posadas to Kwanzaa and St Nicholas Day, you can spend the entire festive period celebrating different traditions, if you choose to.

If family or friends hail from different backgrounds or celebrate different festivals to your own, remember their traditions is a thoughtful way of expressing your love for them. Poinsettias are highly significant during Las Posadas, whilst there are plenty of gift options if you’re celebrating the Festival of Light.

If your family and friends celebrate different winter holidays or you fancy trying something different this year, create your very own version of ‘Chrismukkah’ and celebrate in style.


What are traditional housewarming gifts?

If you want to go really traditional, bread, honey, wine, salt and olive oil are your best options. Whilst wine is the perfect gift for any occasion, you probably don’t want to turn up with a loaf of sliced white when your friends buy a new home. 

Fortunately, you can add a modern twist to traditional presents to find the perfect housewarming gifts. A stainless-steel bread box is a contemporary addition to any kitchen and combines the traditional sentiment with functional and design. Add personalisation and you’ve got a thoughtful, useful and aesthetically pleasing housewarming gift.

Houseplants are also a popular traditional housewarming gift, although many people vary this and choose flowers instead. A great option if the recipients aren’t close by, you can have these delivered directly to their door. By choosing a statement vase for your gift, you can showcase your own design skills, give a lasting gift to your loved ones and incorporate their own design preferences too.


Preparing your home for the festive season

However you choose to celebrate, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones (whether you like it or not!) Regardless of whether you prepare your home with bespoke statement furniture, handmade decorations or copious amounts of food and drink, you can create the perfect ambience with the right home accessories and personal touches.



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