While vaccines have definitely made this year’s holidays a safer time than last, many Canadians are still concerned about COVID-19.   Many are thinking about if, and how, they should asked their loved ones to mitigate its risk as we try to spend time together in person this holiday season.

According to new research from Rapid Test & Trace Canada, only 46.5% of Canadians plan to ask family and friends to get a COVID test to ensure safety before holiday visits. Even more shockingly, 7.7% of Canadians say ‘they could never ask them to get a COVID test,’ and 6.3% say ‘they’d like to ask them, but can’t.’

Based on Canadians’ hesitance to ask friends and family to take COVID tests BEFORE holiday gatherings, Rapid Test & Trace Canada (a national provider of rapid antigen tests for COVID-19) has created a novel solution to stimulate conversation on this sticky subject with a series of five humour-based ‘holiday cards’ to coax COVID testing cooperation.

These cards are lighthearted and cheeky, and can either be printed, or sent in an animated digital format complete with voiceover, all from the Rapid Test & Trace Canada’s website at https://rapidtestandtrace.ca/ecards.  Check out some of the cards below!

“As we navigate the 2021 holiday season, COVID-19 is still a very real and very frightening concern for all Canadians. Based on our research, there’s still a lot of hesitation to ask friends and family to take a simple COVID-19 rapid test; we wanted to tackle the topic with humour to diffuse potential testing turbulence,” said Sandy White, Co-Founder of Rapid Test & Trace Canada. “The COVID story also seems to change daily, so the only way to feel truly secure and celebrate the holidays safely is to ask all your holiday visitors to get a COVID-19 rapid test.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly