Food, Wine and Everything Washington Wine with Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

Every year we see new regions emerging and defining themselves on the global wine-loving stage. There are always new frontiers to discover in the wine world, and Washington is one of them. Although having a relatively short history of viticulture, Washington wines are claiming some of the limelight. This New World new kid is producing fabulous wines. More Washingtonian productions are making their way into our glasses, and the Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon is the latest must-try.

A Tribute In A Bottle

The Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon is a Columbia Valley AVA production that pays homage to everything unique about the somewhereness of Washington wines. Named after the Cascade Range, which is lost amongst the clouds for most of the year. This is a single vineyard wine crafted from grapes grown in the McNary Vineyard, located in the southeast corner of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. An exceptional wine-growing region, Horse Heaven Hills is a wide prairie area that was lovingly exclaimed as a Horse Heaven by an early pioneer in the region.

Known for making the best Cabernet Sauvignons in the state, the McNary vineyard is slightly cooler than the rest of the region. Its vineyards sit near the banks of the Columbia River and bring a sense of vibrancy, elegance and elevation to the glass. Making for a final wine that is a rich ruby/violet colour with aromas of black cherry, plum, and spice. All complemented by a smooth and inviting flavour with undertones of chocolate and coffee. An expression in the glass perfectly poised for some gourmet adventures.

There Is No Place On Earth, Like Washington

Currently, the USA’s second-largest wine-producing state, Washington’s terroir, its sense of place, is summed up in its 20 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas). Each one communicates a different expression that Washington can translate into the glass. Wine regions have flourished amid the arid and semi-aired land east of the Cascade Mountains. Most of the state’s vineyards are located here, east of the mountain range, where the spectacular peaks create a rain shadow. Producing an environment on the other side that is warm, dry and filled with sunshine. Perfect for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, the reigning king of red wine grapes in the state.

The Columbia Valley AVA is by far Washington’s most prominent. Named after the Columbia River, this region has prehistoric roots that help defines its somewhereness. Forged by the Missoula Floods at the end of the last Ice Age and nestled at the feet of the Cascade Range, the Columbia Valley AVA is a premier growing region with a unique and diverse terroir further defined by the smaller AVAs within itself. Nearly all but three of Washington’s other AVAs are nestled within it, including the famed Horse Heaven Hills region.

The unique thing about Washington wines and winemaking is that while you can get lost in the region’s beauty as a wine lover, you can also geek out over the plethora of own-rooted wines made here. The windblown sand-like soils in the Columbia Valley make it hard for the villain of all winemaking, a tiny bug named phylloxera, to live. But lucky for us, excellent wines are always made where grapes are pushed to their limits. From the daily shift in temperature between day and night to the extreme environment and soils, the grape vines have to strive to bear fruit. Making this Washington region ideal for growing world-class grapes.


Let The Gourmet Adventures Begin

Adventures are always afoot when pairing food and wine. Fare can genuinely change the perception of wine flavours on the palate. Travelling down the food and wine pairing road with the Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon, there are some intrinsic factors to this wine to consider. This is a Cabernet that is filled with juicy and fruit-leading aromas. Followed by a smooth palate with ripe sweet tannins, a present but not overbearing acidity and a finish that leans on the bolder side, with a touch of dark fruit flavours.

Taking in the essence of this Washington wine, the Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon would do best paired with meaty dishes like lamb or beef. On the seafood side, there are possibilities with an excellent mackerel dish. And mushroom and cheese-heavy dishes would be a great match on the savoury side. However, because this is a Cab Sauv with a bold finish and fruit-laden notes, dessert is not off the table. Spiced and dark chocolate options would pair great with this wine.

Stepping outside classic dish pairings can open the Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon into a world of possibilities. Try pairing this delicious bottle with a Greek-style lamb burger, mushroom perogies, a dark chocolate ganache cake, or even a square or two of spiced dark chocolate can make for a great experience.

Find the Lost Peak Cabernet Sauvignon at LCBO stores now and dive into a world of food, wine and everything Washington wine with every glass!

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