Catching up with Command Sisters – an interview

One of the things I miss most about “the before times” is running into people.  Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis and how its pooped literally everybody’s party, random run ins with rad people at events, parties, even on the street, are the stuff of memories now.  We have to plan our run ins now, and they happen on Zoom, which…is ok I guess.  It helps when you can plan these Zoom run ins with the people you miss running into in real life, like I just did with my pals The Command Sisters.  

Sarah and Charlotte Command, the sisters behind the band, have two be two of the most adorable, and inspirational, humans in the Canadian music business today, if not the world.  Musical collaborators since their childhood, with Sarah strapping on the guitar while Charlotte crafted song after song, the Command Sisters have masterfully cultivated a vision, a sound, and most of all, a brand.  From their red carpet worthy fashion sense complete with their signature pop of red, their influencer level social media power and prowess, and their hooky and irresistible sound, they’ve cultivated the complete package to propel them to global musical stardom.

The Command Sisters have performed across the United States and Canada, and count brands like Martin Guitars, PRS Guitars, Marshall Amps, MAC Cosmetics, and Boss/Roland among their many partnerships. They’ve even walked the red carpets at multple award shows including the Junos and the Grammys.  And they did all of that without one official musical release!  That all changed once the sisters signed their record deal with 21 Entertainment, Universal Music Canada, and Republic Records.  First up, their single “I can do what I want”, complete with Sarah and Charlotte’s self created music video, shot entirely on their mobile devices.

And just last week, Command Sisters released ““I Like It”, the debut single from their upcoming album.  The song was recorded in Los Angeles by award winning producer Tim Pagnotta (Walk The Moon, Weezer, Blink 182, Neon Trees).  Listen below!


Check out my Zoom chat with Sarah and Charlotte Command, where we chat music, fashion, branding and their new single.  Video below!


Keep up with the Command Sisters through their socials and website below!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly