Australia’s Ocean Alley Live at Toronto’s Opera House

Led by vocalist Baden Donegal, Australia’s Ocean Alley‘s sound leaves you torn between sweet vocals and scorching musicianship.

At Toronto’s Opera House, the band began with ‘Tombstone’, a searing track from their latest LP Lonely Diamond.

From there they continued with a trio of covers consisting of Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe/Comfortably Numb/Money’ proving faultless in their interpretations.

Lead singer Baden Donegal of Ocean Alley. Photo by Myles Herod

While drummer Tom O’Brien provided the rhythmic glue to burn through past fan favourites (as well their newest single, ‘Touch Back Down’) it was lead guitarist Angus Goodwin, whose playing on ‘Partner In Crime’ from  their 2016 debut Lost Tropics, that became one of the night’s true highlights.

Later on, Donegal’s vocals remained unflappable on the likes of ‘Hot Chicken’ and ‘Rage’, going as far as launching himself among the crowd, resulting in a peak musical moment.

The energy was palpable as Ocean Alley neared the close of their set with  ‘Confidence’ and ‘Happy Sad’. As Donegal encouraged the crowd to clap along, the applause acted as an appropriate end to an energetic show.


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