Australian Psych-Rockers Pond Mesmerize a Sold-Out Lee’s Palace

Perth, Australia psych-rockers Pond proved to be a perfect fit for Toronto’s iconic Lee’s Palace.

Small it certainly was, the venerable venue nevertheless housed the band’s booming synths amid a sold-out crowd all while lead singer Nicholas Allbrook pouted his best Mick Jagger antics, arms akimbo.

Chances are the quintet will forever be linked to like-minded countrymen Tame Impala – if not for the fact that they share members (past and present). However, whereas the former pursue sonic profundity, Pond remains less experimental, instead grabbing one by the collar with full-throttle charisma.

Opening with the propulsive America’s Cup, taken from their newly released 9, fans were soon treated to Pink Lunette, another album cut which came outfitted as a tight, funked-up reworking.

Perth, Australia’s Pond plays a sold-out Lee’s Palace. Photo by Myles Herod

Members Jamie Terry on synths, guitarist Shiny Joe Ryan, bassist Jay ‘Gum’ Watson, and drummer James Ireland all performed impeccably tight and harmonious together, enjoying playing second fiddle to Allbrook’s boundless energy.

Whoever Allbrook has studied is anyone’s guess. Playing an epic game of 1970’s frontman, any moment onstage saw him floor drop mid-guitar solo or leg kick higher than what’s considered humanly possible.

Equipped with a screeching, urgent falsetto, he belted out their biggest single Paint Me Silver, which evidently incited everyone in Lee’s Palace to sing along.

Pond lead singer Nicholas Allbrook doing his best Mick Jagger imitation. Photo Myles Herod

Synth-drenched notes pounded and fuzzed-out guitars soared, leaving Allbrook practically swinging from the ceiling, climbing atop monitors with limbs outstretched to greet fans halfway.

Throughout their 90-minute set that moved and grooved, tunes from rock stompers to hypnotic ballads were layered in vibrant colours and buoyed by a bandleader determined to take fans on the ultimate trip. Mission accomplished.


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