5 Incredible Destinations for LBGTQIA+ Group Travel

Many years ago, looking for an LBGTQIA+-friendly destination was not easy. But that’s no longer the case in this day and age, as more and more places have become very welcoming to members of the LGBTIQ+. Some destinations are known for hosting pride festivals, while others have rowdy drag shows and nightclubs where you can meet with fellow LBGTQIA+ members and party until sunrise. If you and your friends are planning a trip, and need help with where to go, here are some of the most incredible destinations for LBGTQIA+ group travel.



Famous for its wild nightlife scene, luxury hotels, and booze-fuelled boat cruises, Ibiza is the perfect destination for LBGTQIA+ group travel. While you will probably spend the entire night partying, you’ll find plenty of relaxing activities to indulge in during the day. You can hang out at its picturesque beaches, hike through villages, and dine at the best restaurants.

Calle de la Virgen is the street to meet fellow LBGTQIA+ members. Also called Ibiza’s gay walking street, the area is full of restaurants, shops, clubs, and gay bars. Some bars and restaurants have terraces, perfect for people-watching while indulging in delicious food and drinks. While you’ll find plenty of gay-friendly bars and clubs to party at night, Ibiza’s boat party is worth the splurge. You can rent a VIP boat with a DJ and dance the night away as the boat sails along Ibiza’s coast. The boat party comes with free-flowing drinks, which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

If you’ve outgrown partying and would rather spend your time in Ibiza relaxing, you’ll find plenty of options. You can join a relaxing yoga class by the beach, indulge in massages and beauty treatments, or simply wine and dine at the island’s best restaurants.



Norfolk is famous for its vibrant LGBTQ scene, which is why it’s England’s most popular destination for LBGTQIA+ travellers. For several years, Norfolk has been hosting the annual pride fests, including gay parades and other LBGTQIA+ events, which shows that Norfolk welcomes the LBGTQIA+ community with wide open arms.

Norfolk has numerous gay-friendly bars and restaurants where you can have a great time. But if you want to enjoy ultimate privacy, book one of the large party houses in Norfolk, ideal for those visiting with a group of friends. Aside from having a spacious venue to have fun, staying at these party houses gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. Norfolk is home to some picturesque seaside resorts offering nonstop fun. Some of these resorts have party houses close to the beach, where you can enjoy water activities with friends. Holkham Bay is the most popular beach in Norfolk, with a vast expanse of golden sand, giving you plenty of space to lounge around and have fun.

Your visit to Norfolk won’t be complete without experiencing its thriving nightlife. There are party venues and LGBTQ nightclubs featuring DJ performances, drag shows, dancers, and lots of dancing. If you and your friends are into plays and musicals, check out the Theatre Royal, a spacious venue to watch concerts, musicals, etc.



Majorca is one of the most gay-friendly islands in the Balearic. Best known for its idyllic beaches and sophisticated resorts, it has everything you need for a fun-filled holiday with friends. In fact, the island hosts numerous LBGTQIA+ events throughout the year, not to mention the booze-fuelled pool and beach parties.

If you and your friends are open to trying out new experiences, Majorca is the perfect destination for you. The best way to explore the island in groups is to rent a car and visit as many places as possible. Drive to Palma, the island’s capital city, where you can walk through neighbourhoods and discover great restaurants and cosy cafes. Those not scared of heights should try a scenic balloon ride. The ride usually takes place early in the morning, just before the sun rises. It’s a fun activity that the entire group is guaranteed to love.

Of course, spending time at the beach is a must on your holiday in Majorca. The island has many beautiful beaches where you can lounge around and work on your tan. Some of the best beaches on the island are Cala Deià, Playa de Formentor, and Es Caló des Moro. 



When holidaying in Greece, the islands that often come to mind are Mykonos or Santorini. But Crete is another fantastic island that LBGTQIA+ travellers should check out. Crete is the largest among Greek islands, offering numerous fun activities, from hiking to beach bumming and indulging in delectable Greek food and wine.

Another reason a holiday to Crete is a good idea is that you’ll find plenty of large villas to rent. Offering a higher level of comfort, luxury, and privacy, large villas in Crete are an ideal choice of accommodation for groups of friends. If you stay in a villa, you will all be under the same roof and share the amenities. There are also villas with a swimming pool or a spacious garden, perfect for hosting parties.

Aside from partying in your villa, you’ll find many things to enjoy in Crete. Visit historical attractions like the Palace of Knossos and Heraklion Archaeological Museum. If you want to spend your day at the beach, head to the beautiful Elafonisi beach.



Scotland has a thriving LBGTQIA+ community, offering numerous things for gay travellers. The picturesque country has a vibrant and inclusive culture and is committed to protecting the rights of LBGTQIA+. If you’re here with friends, you are guaranteed a great time, given the numerous things to enjoy.

Edinburgh is a perfect base for your holiday in Scotland. It’s home to Edinburgh Castle, a historic fortress dominating the city’s Old Town. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. Check out Frankenstein, a Gothic venue housed in a 19th-century church that functions like a typical pub and bar with a dance floor and fun activities like weekday trivia nights.



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