4 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

For most people, a car is an important part of everyday life. The problem is that paying too much for motoring costs can put a dent in your monthly budget! Car insurance can be a significant expense; however, there are a few ways to reduce what you pay. Let’s take a look!


Get shopping

You should have a good old shop around if you want to get the best deal on your car insurance. Plenty of people end up going for the first reasonable deal that they see-but you’ll lose money that way! When it comes to car insurance, you’ll want to get several different quotes. Ensure that you properly research each company before you invest in them. You can also ask your friends and family about their policies and experiences. A thorough comparison of a few different policies will ensure that you make an informed decision. Don’t be tempted to accept your renewal unless you’re sure that there isn’t a better deal out there. 


Know your discounts

Plenty of policies offer different types of discounts, so it pays to know which ones you might be entitled to. You can often get discounts if you are a low mileage driver- so if you are, don’t forget to take up your discount. (Using your car less means you’ll be going greener too!) Some car insurance providers offer accident-free discounts for those who’ve never been involved in an accident. If you’ve taken a defensive driving course, you’ll also be able to get a discount with some providers. When you’re buying a new car, it’s worth choosing wisely with car insurance in mind. More expensive vehicles with a higher risk of theft are more costly to insure. If you choose a more modest or second-hand car, you could save yourself some money. There are plenty of lovely ‘nearly new’ cars out there! 

Just look for different options in your area when shopping around for car insurance, because car insurance in Toronto, will be different from Vancouver and even more so in the USA, or overseas.


Add a named driver

Some motorists will choose to add a named driver to their car insurance. The key is to make sure that it’s an older and more experienced driver instead of less experienced. If you state that a more experienced driver will sometimes use your car, insurers judge that this lowers the risk of problems and accidents. 


Consider your car security

Improving the security of your car can help you to get a better deal on your car insurance. You can invest in a security device for your vehicle to reap the benefits of this kind of discount. Generally speaking, you should prioritize your car’s safety as any theft claim may increase your premium. Keep your valuable items out of sight and be cautious about which areas you park your vehicle.  


Lastly, prioritize cautious driving, even if you’ve been driving for a long time. You won’t want any preventable accidents to push up your premium either! With so many expenses involved in running a car, it’s well worth trying to save money on your car insurance. 



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