Why You May Want to make the Switch to an Electric Vehicle Soon

There are more electric vehicles on the market now than ever before. EVs are big business and are making even the biggest car manufacturers take notice and start developing electric fleets of their own. Still, some people remain on the fence and are unsure if they should make the switch. Here are some reasons why they should change their mind and join today’s electric vehicle future.


Prices at the Pump Are Not Coming Down

In the last few years, the price of petrol and diesel fuel has slowly crept up and then spiked. Drivers are having to get used to these prices as they never seem to come down. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is carbon emissions targets. Carbon’s cost on the planet is being passed on to the motorist through taxes on both processed and unprocessed oil and gas. Look at LV’s website for an in-depth guide to EVs to learn more about why you should make this switch to save on fuel costs.


For Futuristic Features That Other Cars Don’t Have

When electric vehicle manufacturers first started to get their new products on the road and in the hands of consumers, they needed to do something special to grab people’s attention. From the very first days, EVs have struck a balance between being so similar to a standard vehicle they feel familiar to drivers and passengers but they offer different experiences and features to help them stand out. Big central screens, internet connectivity, cameras throughout, and self-driving features all help to make EVs a more interesting prospect than petrol-powered cars from the major manufacturers. 


Home Charging Is Better Than Ever

One area in which the early EVs let themselves down was in home charging. The first electric vehicles that came out of the showrooms and onto the roads had to be charged at home with a standard 3-pin plug. That was your only option. Now, faster home charging options are available. With the right setup, you can fully charge a vehicle with a 250-plus mile range overnight. 

Pairing an EV with a fast home charger helps make the switch a no-brainer. The electricity rates through the night are less than in the daytime, and home rates are much cheaper than commercial charging rates. This makes them much more practical than they used to be and cheaper to run.


To Save the Planet

To protect the future for the next generation and the generations that will follow them, we need to make the change sooner rather than later and make our next vehicle an electric one. Carbon emissions are slowly suffocating the planet and warming up our oceans and glaciers. The switch to EVs will help us all to keep cooler heads in summer and warmer homes in winter, with fewer extreme weather events.

Making the switch to an EV makes a lot of sense financially and environmentally. With all the costs of running and maintaining an internal combustion engine increases, the time is right to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and never look back.


To Reduce Noise

You might not think about it, but as someone who lives in a big city, traffic makes a lot of noise. From roaring trucks to Harleys to souped-up cars that rattle and roar through the night, it really would make a huge difference in overall noise reduction if all those people drove electric cars, which make almost no sound at all.


So, if you’ve been thinking of making the switch, maybe it’s the time since there are so many great reasons to go electric.


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!