Want to talk to animals? Here’s how it’s done

There was a time when if you had told me that conversing in a Doctor Doolittle manner with animals was possible, I would have replied, nonsense!
  But I was proven wrong.  Within 6 months of being proven wrong I was communicating with cats, dogs, horses and even a whale. Now I teach it, write about it and live it.


What if you could talk to an animal?

Some people feel that animals don’t function at high levels of understanding. This is far from true.
 Animals “speak” on energetic levels. Thoughts, pictures, and feelings are some of the heart-centered communication methods they prefer. 

Animal communicators, pet psychics, or animal psychics, as they are known, understand that there are 4 basic levels to how animals communicate.



When we talk about physical communication, that means movement, facial expressions, actions, touch and more. Dogs sit and stay, cats respond when they are called or hear the familiar pop of a tuna tin. Physicality is part of a much bigger language and it’s one way that animals express themselves to us.



Animals communicate when they sit and stare. Downloading image highlights of our day happens the moment we step through the door.
 Ask questions, don’t assume. You may get quick images, thoughts, or words. Let them speak in their own energetic language.



Animals decide if we have anything to offer each other by looking into our hearts when they first choose us. They register how we feel about situations and respond accordingly. They send us feelings too. However, as humans we tend to dismiss what we receive.  But, what if we didn’t?



When a pet pal is not present I “tap in” through the family’s energy. Our love for them opens doors and created a meeting place for any communication. If you want to know anything about a family? Ask the animal.


When we are with an animal, our senses inform us. Gently act on them

We are all intuitive. We are all animal communicators. Learning how to use our tools is the next step, and a necessary step in our well-being and the well-being of generations to come.

As more and young people are becoming aware of their connection to the earth and her creatures it is our responsibility to deepen that awareness as their guides, mentors and parents. Connecting them to the animal world and encouraging our children is the next step to a brighter, stronger future.


Want to learn how to communicate with animals?  Angel will be teaching a class on this very subject!  On November 19th Angel will share the 4 levels of animal communication, enhance psychic awareness and develop skills necessary to take more advanced animal healing or wildlife courses in communications whether it is a hobby or for those looking to pursue this in a professional capacity.


1. the four levels of animal communication
2. connecting to spirit animals
3. basic healing techniques
4. wildlife and lost animal communication
5. hands on interactive communication in class
6. journey to unlock and enhance communication abilities
7. meet your animal spirit guide

Click here or go to the link below to register and watch the trailer here.


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Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly