Planning A Vacation To Canada? Here’s How To Prepare For It!

Canada is one of the most popular countries to visit in the world. Each year, around 22 million people visit my home nation from the neighbouring United States and beyond.

You’ve presumably never been to Canada, which is why you’re reading this blog post today. As you might expect, it’s a country rich with nature, beauty and stunning views. Canada also offers a broad range of attractions, points of interest, and culinary delights await anyone visiting.

If you’re unsure how to prepare for a trip to the country, don’t worry because the following tips and tricks will help you have a fun and memorable experience. Here’s what you need to know:


Organize A Visa, If Necessary

The first thing you need to do is determine whether you need a visitor visa or not. It’s worth knowing that citizens of certain countries like the United Kingdom don’t need a visitor, whereas people from nations such as South Africa require one.

It should be noted there are considerably more countries that need a visa to enter than don’t, so be sure to do your research before planning or starting your trip.

If you attempt to visit Canada without obtaining the correct visa, you will most likely get sent back to your home nation. In practice, most countries will not let you fly to Canada without first verifying your visa status.

Ensure you apply for a visa as early as possible (some visa processes can take weeks, if not months). Never do so just days before you intend to fly!


Book Your Flights

Once your visa is approved, you can start booking flights to and from Canada. As you can appreciate, you’ve got a broad selection of options available, such as direct flights, overnight flights, or ones with layovers.

If you’re a nervous flyer, you may wish to investigate a flight plan that involves several layovers. Doing so means you only have short flights and time to explore other countries before reaching Canada, or at least the time to stretch your legs at the airports along the way.

Consider using websites like Kayak or to find the best deals for your flights. Going through listed deal aggregates is often cheaper than booking directly with an airline. Additionally, even if it’s not can give you a great idea of competitive pricing from other airlines or providers.


Arrange Your Accommodation

After you’ve found the best flights and booked your place on them, you will then need to turn your attention to finding somewhere to stay during your trip to Canada.

Hotels are the obvious choice for most people but don’t forget that you’ve got a comprehensive list of options if you fancy an alternative. For example, you might consider staying at someone’s home while they’re away and searching for such accommodation on Airbnb.

It’s also possible to look for other self-catering accommodation if you wish to stay somewhere that’s more like home and enables you to save money by cooking for yourself.

From great city hotel stays to small-town Airbnb rentals, self-hosted cabin stays, to cute country BnB’s, there are endless options for places to stay.



Think About What To Pack

Now that you’ve got somewhere to stay upon your arrival in Canada, the next step is to think about what you’ll take with you in your suitcase!

As you might imagine, the clothing you take will depend on a few factors, such as the time of year you visit and whether you get easily hot or cold wherever you are.

The general rule is to pack for the season when you visit and take a few off-season clothes in cases of adverse or unexpected weather conditions.

Winter is cold pretty much all over Canada. Still, while the west coast is usually most rain throughout, the rest is a lot of snow, so like most things, be sure to research what the typical weather is for other times of year you’ll be visiting and repair accordingly.


Take A Couple Of Travel Adapters

When you travel to Canada, you will likely take some technology or electrical items with you. For example, you’ll take your smartphone, but you may also take other devices like a laptop, tablet, GPS, mobile wifi device or even a hairdryer!

How will you charge or power those devices during your visit to Canada? The nation uses the same Type A and Type B plugs as the United States, so if you’re visiting from America, you won’t need any adapters.

However, you must purchase the correct travel adapters if you’re travelling from elsewhere. Just a friendly reminder, so you don’t get stuck with dead tech in a foreign country.


Consider Brushing Up On Your French

Lastly, it’s a well-known fact that some parts of Canada have large French-speaking communities. For instance, if you’re planning to visit somewhere like Quebec, it makes sense to brush up on your French before you visit or have a translator app at the ready.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an excellent French speaker; many Canadians speak English and French – particularly the younger generations. Of course, if you get stuck, there’s always Google Translate!


Canada is undoubtedly a country that millions of people enjoy visiting each year. If you take the time before you leave to do more research and planning, I can tell you from experience that it makes the trip more enjoyable and easy along the way.

Bon voyage!



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!