Transform Your Basement Into A Hangout Room

Is your basement being used as a room for junk collecting? Do you only go into it when you need to do laundry or to retrieve a box of holiday decorations? Why not transform your basement into a hangout room instead? You can use the space for a multitude of activities, whether for yourself, for your children, or both. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your basement space with some relatively simple home projects.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich


How To Prepare the Basement

  • Start by decluttering- You can’t make your basement a hangout if there are boxes and clutter everywhere. Before you begin, clean and declutter the area, donate or toss things you don’t use anymore. Pack up everything you are keeping in sturdy boxes and bins, labelled clearly. If you can move everything out of the basement and into your garage, attic, or shed, you’ll gain even more livable space. If you are in need of a dumpster rental for your basement cleanout, give a visit on for same-day delivery.


  • Add lighting- One of the worst parts of most basements is the lighting, especially when you have an old bulb on a string dangling from the middle of the room. Install additional light fixtures to brighten things up. Add charming, colour lamps around the room. Choose incandescent bulbs that emit a soft, yellow glow. Make sure also to clean the windows to let in the natural light.


  • Purchase a dehumidifier- Basements are a hotbed for moisture and mould, which are dangerous to your belongings and yourself. Purchase a quality basement dehumidifier and place it out of the way in your basement. A dehumidifier will reduce the humidity levels in the basement and will help keep the area from smelling damp and musty. Most are quiet when they run, so you won’t even notice they are there.


  • Take care of the walls and cement- To prevent water and moisture from entering the room in the first place, seal up your walls. Any home improvement store will have specialised paints that can be used to plug up the holes in your walls to keep water from coming in. You may also consider using special cement paint to bring the floors back to life.


  • Insulate the area- Insulating your basement walls will help keep the cold out during the winter months and reduce your heating bill. It will also prevent moisture issues, radon infiltration, and insect infestation. There are many materials and substances you can buy to insulate your basement yourself, such as spray foam, foam board, and hybrid foam and fibreglass installation. While you may need to pay a professional to complete the job, it will be well worth it in the long run.


  • Add carpeting- A cold, hard, concrete floor can be very unappealing when you want to use the space more often. If you have the money, consider carpeting the whole area. However, large rugs will also make the room warmer and more inviting, and they will likely be a cheaper option than wall-to-wall carpeting.


Renovation Ideas

  • Playroom- Once your basement is renovated, consider using it as a playroom. Many different options will suit other families. If you have young children, a renovated basement room will be perfect for all the toys they have. You’ll have a great place for kids to play with their friends, that is quiet and out of the way. You can also turn it into a video game room that will be a hit for all ages.


  • Movie Room- Install some cosy couches and chairs, make sure to search out the perfect discount home theater seating, along with a large TV set, surround-sound speakers, a table, and a small refrigerator. You’ve got yourself a perfect space where you can hang out and watch movies. Stock up on cosy blankets and yummy snacks, and you may never want to leave.


  • Bar Room- Are you big on entertaining? A renovated basement is the perfect place to set up your bar. You’ll want to have a mini-fridge installed, along with bar stools, a table, and chairs. Make sure you have plenty of glassware and, of course, alcohol. You’ll have the perfect space for holiday parties, birthday parties, or parties “just because.”


  • Workout room- If you’re big on exercising but hate leaving the house, then your basement will be the perfect place for a workout area. Bring in the exercise equipment and exercise any time the mood hits you. You’ll have a quiet space where nobody should bother you while you get healthy.


  • Small apartment- If your basement has room for a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a separate entrance, why not use it as a small apartment? You’ll quickly make back the money you put into it by renting it out to someone in need.


Why not transform a hardly-used space to one you will never want to leave? We hope you can use these basement renovation ideas to your benefit!



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