Toosii Live at History   

American rapper singer-songwriter Toosii brought the Naujour Tour to a sold-out crowd at Toronto’s History on August 24, 2023.  

Toosii’s official DJ, Johnny Goin 2x, started off the night. He warmed up the crowd with hits and bangers as they rapped along. Ramped it up with more recent tracks before introducing Toosii onto the stage. 

Toosii was greeted warmly by his Toronto fan base as he started to perform. He had a distinct raspy voice which complemented his sound. He interacted well with everyone he passed as he walked on each end of the stage. Shortly into the set, Toosii reflected on how things have changed since the last time he performed in the city, where he got booed by the crowd opening for Summer Walker; he did not further elaborate and continued with the show.  

As the show continued, video boards were well utilized by production. They immersed the audience, transitioning through different themes as he performed songs 5’5, Pull Up, and Crazy Story, a cover tribute to the late rapper King Von. He then performed an unreleased song titled Pretending. Halfway through the set, he searched for longtime fans. They were brought to the stage to perform Red Lights with him. Unsurprisingly, they knew word for word and succeeded in this once-in-a-lifetime moment on stage with their idol. Another fan set was chosen a few songs later and took the stage. This time, Toosii, with his shirt off, began to serenade them as he performed Poetic Pain, Sapiosexual, and Love Cycle. As fans anticipated, Favorite Song, his most viral hit, ended the night off. 

Overall, Toosii lived up to expectations and proved that he has various tracks to garner new listeners and boost his fan base as he furthers his trajectory to new heights. The Naujour tour continues to Boston, New York, and Detroit before its final leg heading to Chicago, St. Louis, and finishing in Indianapolis. 

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