Charlotte Day Wilson Live at HISTORY

There is no better way to close out a tour but to do it at home. And that’s what Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson did on June 6, 2024. In support of her latest released album in May, the Cyan Blue Tour made its final stop at Toronto’s HISTORY to a sold-out crowd.

Ourielle Auve, professionally known as Ouri, started the night off. She is a French-Canadian musician known for being a multi-instrumentalist. She is also part of Charlotte’s touring band, which allowed her to showcase her talents as a solo act and a band member. Ouri showed her skills using the keyboard, cello, and harp during her set, which impressed the crowd. She would later join in Charlotte’s set.

Yaya Bey, a Brooklyn-born R&B musician followed. It did not take her long to get the audience hooked. Her band accompanied her, playing funky, jazzy sounds. With her stage presence and energy, Yaya addressed relatable topics with her versatility in singing and rapping. She touched on life experiences and real-world issues. Her delivery was impeccable, displayed through her emotions and facial expressions.

The time came, and the stage was all set for the final act. The stage crew set up instruments of all sorts. Everyone loudly cheered with excitement as the lights dimmed. With the moody lights up, the band took their place, followed by Charlotte’s dark silhouette as she headed to the keys. She started her set with the songs New Day and Mountains, transitioning to the guitar by the third song, My Way. Her powerful, silky voice surrounded the atmosphere. With no lack of talent on stage, she took the time to acknowledge sharing the stage with Ouri and her tour photographer. They took shots of liquor with the band on stage, rightfully celebrating their final show of the tour. Charlotte then performed using the saxophone briefly and played In Your Eyes, a song she wrote for fellow Canadians, BADBADNOTGOOD. Yaya Bey joined her onstage as they performed Take Care of You. Day-one CDW fans were treated to a sing-along to the song, Work. To Charlotte’s delight, the crowd participation was unbelievable. A speech was then addressed before her last song, thanking her family, who were present at the venue. She thanked the fans for accepting her craft, which kept her true to herself and allowed her to express herself through her songs. She also reflected on her realization that love is what it’s all about and that she has finally let go of her perfectionism.

With her heartfelt message, Charlotte serenaded Toronto one last time with an unreleased song, truly stamping her influence on her beloved city.

  1. New Day
  2. Mountains
  3. My Way
  4. Dovetail
  5. Do U Still
  6. Canopy
  7. Forever
  8. I Don’t Love You
  9. If I Could
  10. Money
  11. I Can Only Whisper
  12. Falling Apart / Lovesick Utopia
  13. What You Need
  14. In Your Eyes (BADBADNOTGOOD cover)
  15. Take Care of You
  16. Work
  17. Cyan Blue
  18. Walk With Me

Encore: (Unknown) (untitled, unreleased song)

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