Tired of Your Job? Definite Signs It’s Time For a Career Change

Finding the career of your dreams can be a lifelong journey. You take the time out to perfect your resume, apply, go on interviews, and once you land a job that may seem “okay” in the beginning, after a while, you start to see that it’s not for you and it’s time yet again for a career change.

Unfortunately, this is the story for many, despite having gone to a college or university. According to cnbc.com, more than 1 in 5 college graduates works in a position that doesn’t require a degree. So, what that statistic is saying is that you’ve gone to college, racked up a ton of debt, and are working mediocre jobs you didn’t even need a degree to do.

Again, as frustrating as that sounds, it’s quite common. Working jobs that you’re unhappy in is the root cause of career changes (outside of money). But the only issue with career changes is knowing when it’s time for a career change and knowing when you might need a little time off.

Being able to tell the difference between the two can be a little difficult, but when it’s time for a career change, some signs undeniably let you know it’s time for you to leave. If you’ve experienced the following signs, it’s time for you to look into other careers worth switching to.

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Definite Signs Its Time For You To Switch Careers


Your Salary No Longer is Your Motivation

There are plenty of people who work jobs they hate, but the only reason they stay with the company is the salary. Money is the driver for most people to stay where they are unhappy, but when the money is no longer your motivator, it’s time to go! When this happens, you’re essentially taking notice of the decline of your mental health due to your job, and you’re coming to grips that your mental state is way more valuable than what your paycheck could ever say while working there.


You Dread Going to Work

Everybody has those days where you dread going to work. If you’re like most people, you live for the weekend so that you can decompress from all the stressors at work. But when dreading going to work starts to take over your weekends, it’s time to find something new.

When Friday hits and it’s time to clock out, most people are practically running out the door to get to their weekend festivities. They typically don’t think about work until Monday comes and it’s time to go to work. If your job starts to prevent you from enjoying your Saturday and Sunday (or your downtime based on schedule), that’s not a good sign.


You Feel Disconnected From Your Job and Team

When it’s time for a career change, some people start to feel disconnected from their jobs in every facet. You’re disengaged, unmotivated, not meeting your goals, and no longer aligned with the company’s values or mission, this might mean it’s time for a change in vocation.

When companies notice this type of behaviour in employees, team building activities need to take place. Hiking is a great way to get employees engaged, and things like escape room is great for team building. When companies don’t invest in their employees in ways like this, it’s understandable team members want to leave, simply because they have no reason to stay.


Your Job is Starting to Impact Your Personal Life

Everything from headaches to arguments in your relationship, if your job is coming home with you and hurting your personal life, it’s time to find something new. Your life outside of work is precisely that. If you can’t enjoy your personal life, because of work, and your mental health is suffering drastically, a career change needs to happen immediately.


You Don’t Feel Refreshed After Vacations

Sometimes you might hate your job, but when you have these feels, it’s probably because you need a vacation. Many people in the same situation can go on vacation and come back to work recharged and ready to tackle the day. But when your holidays no longer relax you or if you still think about work while you’re on vacation, your mental health needs a real break, and that vacation will come in the form of a career change.


Take some time, consider your options and always remember to try and find some balance between what you want, and what works, while keeping your health and sanity in mind.





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