Time for a Career Change? 5 Fast-Growing Fields Worth Switching to in 2020

So the year is 2020. Coronavirus has upended life as we know it, and the job market is transforming right before our eyes.

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With entire industries shuttering and companies cutting costs along with whole departments, finding financial stability has never been more challenging. Worse, your field of expertise may not be as in-demand right now as it had been when you first started working.

That said, there has never been a more convenient time to expand your horizons and explore opportunities you’ve always wanted to try. Even though prospects in your field may seem a bit bleak, the possibilities as to what you can try next are boundless.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, here are some of this year’s fast-growing careers for your careful consideration.

Keep in mind that a pandemic is a boon to some industries as it is a bane to others, so it is crucial to find a new career path that’s worth jumping into, both in terms of your interests and financial needs.


Health and Home Care Aide

There’s nothing like the burgeoning threat of infectious and transmissible diseases to push more families to pull their elderly relatives out of institutional care to sign them up for 24/7 home assistance instead.

With strict stay-at-home measures in place, households are scrambling to find home care aide professionals to ensure the comfort of seniors. Not to mention that being a home-based health care provider can be very gratifying, both financially and emotionally. Getting certified as a home health aide or home care professional also doesn’t take a lot of time and resources.


Market Research

The volatility of market conditions is always directly proportional to the stability of market research as an industry. Even the U.S. Bureau of Labor recognizes that market analysts and researchers have an essential role to play since investors are now in desperate need of sound financial advice for them to land squarely on their feet once the dust settles.

Riding out a crisis is all about putting people’s money on safe havens, and market researchers are at the forefront of discovering these sound investment opportunities. Fortunately, today’s market insight and investment tools are almost entirely available online, so there’s no need to worry about exposing yourself to the virus just to get out there.


Finance and Accounting

The reality is — no matter how abundant or scarce a business’ income might be, they need a professional to keep track of their books to ensure they are up to date and unquestionable before regulators like the IRS. Pandemic or not, the world is always in need of accountants.

But needless to say, enterprises are in no position to make wrong business decisions in 2020. This fateful decision-making process is where accounting expertise comes in handy. Getting a CPA license may forever be a daunting endeavour even for those who are already in the field, but that’s what CPA review courses are for. 


Site Reliability Engineering

SRE is a relatively young industry, having been born just in 2003. The world’s first site reliability engineers all worked for Google, but almost every internet-based tech company now has full-fledged SRE teams working for them. In a nutshell, site reliability engineers make sure online enterprises and their operating software systems are reliable, efficient, and scalable.

With more businesses making the shift to the digital world through e-commerce, they need websites and cloud applications that have high reliability and efficiency. If you’ve always had a knack for computers and system development, this is one little-explored path you might want to check out today.


Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Finally, there’s no use in denying that robots are a definite part of the future — and even the present. Artificial intelligence is greatly influencing all economies, especially in developed countries, and investing in a career in AI engineering might be all the preparation you need for an abundant future and a comfortable retirement.

Machines are becoming more intelligent, and the only humans who can claim they are smarter than robots are those who are capable of creating, programming, and interacting with our electronic counterparts. If you enjoy sophisticated problem-solving and dealing with machines, this is one of the fast-growing fields worth switching to in 2020.


Hopefully, these career options will jumpstart an impactful change in your life moving forward, and allow you to find what works best for you in this everchanging world. 

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