Three Types of Rolex Watches You May not Have Heard of

Even in the worst of times, we can still dream of beautiful trips, beautiful dinners and fine jewellery and accessories. Like Rolex.

Rolex is one of the premier timepiece brands in the world. It’s well known for producing quality watches that are both unique and attractive. The company was started by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 long before there were wristwatches, but we’re one of the key brands to ring the idea to the public eye, and to this day, still, manage to capture the world with there exquisite timepieces.


Rolex Day-Date

Day-Dates are considered as one of Rolex’s most prestigious watches. They were released in 1956 at the Basel Fair. Many celebrities, presidents, and athletes have worn them over the years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Endorsements from popular and prominent people have been one of Rolex’s primary strategy of marketing that has proven beneficial. There are a lot of Day-Dates out there, but the brightly coloured ‘Stella’ stands out. It has a gold colour with a yellow lacquered ‘Stella’ dial. It was released in 1977 and recently (2019) sold for $131,250 at Christie’s in Dubai. 

Production of ‘Stella’ Day-Dates continued in the late 1970s and early ’80s with rare, unique, and distinct colours that are easily recognizable. They are available in turquoise, oxblood, seafoam green, and salmon. These colours were applied in different layers, having been mixed by hand. They have different watch straps and bracelets such that none are ever quite the same. It is alleged that Rolex destroyed batches of Stella dials since back then, they were unsellable. That might be the main reason they are so rare today.


Rolex Air-King

This type of Rolex was initially introduced at the end of the Second World War (1945) to pay tribute to the British RAF pilots. It was produced with a 34 mm case and a simple dial layout that made it popular with pilots. 

It was among the series, which also included Air-Lion, Air-Tiger, and Air-Giant. The Ref 5500 Air-King was introduced in 1957 and remained in production for 37 years. It was later replaced by the Ref 1400, which had sapphire crystals and then in 2007 the Ref 114200 that was certified by COSC. In 2016, the Rolex Air-King was re-introduced after being discontinued for two years. The new version (Ref 116900) has some improvements and changes to the classic editions. It is robust and has a good-looking 40 mm case and also made using an oyster bracelet and an oyster clasp. This watch went through fifteen days or rigorous testing to ensure precision. It is water-resistant for up to 300 meters deep. There are great deals on the Air-King by Rolex classic editions available in different online stores, even to this day!


Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual (Ref 6062) is one of two models that were ever made with moon faces until the release of Cellini (Ref 50535) in 2017. Ref 8172. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual and the other model known as Padellone are also the only two models to feature a triple calendar. The 6062 model has a unique star dial and leather straps. However, other models can be found on steel and gold watch bracelets. These watches are also known as Stelline and are very scarce. This particular vintage watch was nicknamed the ‘Dark Star.’ It is a yellow gold automatic watch with a certified chronometer. Some collectors consider it to be the most prestigious Rolex model ever made.


As a watch collector, you can invest in the rare vintage Rolex watches, and build up your fantastic collection, or like most of us, you can just dream of what it might be like. 



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