How to Start a (Good) Watch Collection

Some of the most valuable possessions people can have are watches. Although most people only regard watches as a time-telling device, watch collectors do know the value of certain watches. In fact, antique watches are considered to be artworks and can cost a fortune at auctions.

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Well, who says that watches are not a form of art? Not only do they make you look and feel good, but they also are excellent collectables. Like art collecting, watch collecting is just as exciting and addictive and it could be a good investment. – Before you start collecting watches, make sure you already have a storage device that will not only organise but will also preserve your precious timepieces. You can check the best watch box for your collections here

Want to start a watch collection of your own? Here are some tips to watch collecting for beginners that might help you create a collection without wasting money:


Focus on a Brand

Unless you’re an expert or a veteran collector, you should focus on a single brand to start your collection. Targeting a single brand makes it easier to zero in on pieces that you really want. On the other hand, you will be more familiar with the watch brand you choose.

After researching the history behind the brand, the watch collections, and the watch models, you will have a clearer picture of what kind of watch is your dream watch.


Do Some Research

As mentioned above, having ample knowledge of specific watches and brands can bring a good start of your journey to watch collecting. After doing thorough research, chances are that you get to know a lot more than what you were originally looking to know.

Having additional knowledge on watch types, materials used, price ranges, etc. can help you tell the value of a watch, or if it’s worthy to be in your collection.


Find a Community

Chances are that you will find other watch collectors while doing your research online. Don’t think of them as competition. There are tons of online communities that are dedicated to watch collecting and you can definitely learn something new, share your thoughts and doubts, and get help there.


Not All Watches are Investments

This notion is probably the worst and the most common mistake of why some collectors start their collections. In reality, only vintage watches and other high-end models such as a Rolex Pepsi, Tudor Heritage, or Omega Seamaster are suitable for investments.

Newer and modern watches tend to depreciate faster. Famous watchmakers and their previous creations can become rare collector’s items. However, those watches are hard to come by. Having fun and aiming to complete your collection with watches that you love should be the primary reasons for starting a watch collection.



Watch collecting can be an addictive hobby. As watch collecting is often tricky to start, we hope the tips mentioned above will ease your way.

There are stories of some collectors end up spending a fortune on one single watch. Although it is plausible that you can make money by investing in a luxury watch collection, somehow it’s not easy to encounter high-value vintage watches. Just enjoy your collection and enjoy the memories you have with your watches. Sometimes, your experiences and the stories behind watch collecting can be more valuable.


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