The Sacred Rose Festival Good Times Guide

With Sacred Rose Festival a month away, it’s a good time for an exploration into what can make your good times even better. Even if you’re not heading to Sacred Rose at SeatGeek Stadium in Chicago on August 26-28, this guide will work with any music festival in your calendar.

As with life, the first rule, always, is to stay cool and stay hydrated.
Long days of dancing and having fun in the sun will sweat out your H20 reserves faster than you think. Take frequent breaks to sit in the shade and chug some water. If you’re thirsty, you’re already experiencing some dehydration. So, make sure to fill up on water often, especially if you’re consuming alcohol. Make sure to pack a reusable container to fill up and chug down between bands.

Pace yourself.
With a schedule as tightly packed with primo shit as Sacred Rose offers, book time to take a break. Have a slow stroll and see the art installations. Sample some tasty food to refuel. Nap in the shade. A couple of breathers taken throughout the day can guarantee that you’re in top shape to groove hard to the headliners you’re been waiting all summer to see.

Make (the very loosest of) plans.
If you’re festivaling with a group of friends, make some verbal contingency plans just in case. Sure, your phone is the most obvious way to stay in touch and find a lost buddy, but as a backup, set a meeting place and time to reconnect, for whatever reason. Save screenshots of any info you may need, in case you have internet connection issues. Figure out in advance the bands you want to catch and use the schedule as your guide.

Pack light, pack well.
Weather can turn on a dime from sun to showers. One consideration is a pocket rain poncho. It can be the difference between wearing soaking clothes all day or not. It’s so light you won’t notice it unless you need it. Since we’re all hoping for nothing but sun, never forget your protection. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are must-haves for your festival kit. I always throw in a change of socks and a t-shirt just in case. However, see the next section for perhaps the most important part of this guide.

Live free, but stick to the rules.
Safety and security protocols have changed during and because of COVID. The list of what cannot be brought into a music festival has grown, so make sure you review it before packing. Common sense is a good place to start even before checking out the FAQ but make sure you’re not bringing any prohibited items. This first step will keep the lines moving quicker so you can start having a good time sooner. As is in life, the destination may be a dream but the getting-there may be a nightmare. Any way that speeds up the travel time is a good thing. Why someone would try to bring a stuffed animal to Sacred Rose is beyond me but without reading the FAQ, you’d never know your Beanie Babies are not welcomed, with a ticket or without. Backpack restrictions are fairly new, so make sure you’re good to bring the bag you want.

Figure out your travel plans.
There are many options to get to SeatGeek Stadium from downtown Chicago. The festival is offering shuttle buses from downtown partner hotels in the West Loop neighbourhood, but there are public transit options too. While many may rely on Uber or Lyft to get to and from, keep in mind surge pricing and the high demand that comes with sharing this plan with a few thousand other people. Driving may be the easiest way mode of travel but parking lot exits could take longer than you think. Whatever you’re thinking, expect delays and roll with them or consider a plan B in addition. 

The first rule is fun.
Everyone heading to Sacred Rose has the same thing in mind, hearing great music among good people. Fun is the first goal and this includes keeping your fellow festivaler’s fun in mind too. Leave things the way you’d want to find them. If you see someone in need, get them help. A lost wallet is someone else’s disaster, not your ground score. Let kindness rule your choices and you will be paid back. Every effort should be made to ensure that next year, we not only see the second Sacred Rose Festival but that it’s even better than the first.

Have fun, be safe, stay positive and stay negative!

Aron Harris
Aron Harris is ADDICTED Magazine's music editor as well as a contributor. As a graphic designer, writer and photographer, you can find his work all over ADDICTED. He also geeks out over watches, pizza, bass guitars and the Grateful Dead.