The Perfect T-Shirts for Summer

Summer. A time to get outside, enjoy sunny days, spend time in nature or at the beach, get together with friends, enjoy BBQs, have picnics, and frolic in the sunshine. Summer is the best time to get outside and experience as much of it as possible before it’s gone again for another year.

Since we are rounding through to the end of spring, it’s time to ensure you have the proper clothing so you can be comfortable while looking fresh and feel your best as you enjoy summer as much as possible, which means having some great t-shirts to wear all season long.

Over the last few years, I’ve become a massive fan of Mott & Bow, makers of probably the most comfortable t-shirts (and jeans) I’ve ever worn, and since its time to ramp up for the most beautiful time of the year, I had to stock up on new tees.

The Mott & Bow T-shirts come in the Classic Crew, Classic V-Neck, Classic Curved Hem, and Midweight Pocket Tee.

The classic Driggs is a buttery soft tee. It’s a luxurious everyday tee made of 100% combed cotton. It offers a short sleeve, is not too slim nor loose and is prewashed so it won’t shrink, and it provides a bound neck so it stays put.

The classic crew comes in a wide range of colours, from size extra small to double extra large.

The classic v-neck and curved hem are very similar to the classic crew and offer the same great look and feel while providing a different style based on your personal look, and as you can see, I love a good crew.


If you’re looking for a great t-shirt for those warm summer days, the classic collection from Mott & Bow is a perfect choice, as it’s well made but light, and for those coolers summer nights, you may want to check out the classic long sleeve or, one of my other personal faves, the midweight amity pocket tee.

It’s made with the same quality materials, but instead of a lighter feel like the classic crew 140-gram weight, it’s 200 grams, feels thicker, and offers a bit more warmth than the classic. Also available in extra small to double extra large, it comes in four colour choices and a pocket for a little something different.

Another thing I love about these tees is their printed tag, meaning you won’t be annoyed or bothered by a pesky tag scratching at the back of your neck, leaving you to feel comfy and confident, no matter your style.

After almost two years of testing their pants, sweaters, and t-shirts, I can say without question that their clothing is top quality, super comfortable, well-made, and available at a great price point.

Not only that, they look and feel great on!

So, if you want to update your summer wardrobe, you should check out their t-shirts, jeans and the rest of their collection. If you are looking to pick up any items from their collection, visit Mott & Bow and use code MARKMUNROE  which offers 10% off to first-time customers.


*Clothing provided by Mott & Bow for this review. This feature includes affiliate links.



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