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Hello, and welcome to The Reheat! Each week, I write a column summarizing the highlights of the podcast I co-host with Sadaf Ahsan. Our podcast, also titled The Reheat (what a coincidence!), re-examines the most salacious scandals of yester-year through a contemporary lens. Whether it’s a deep dive into Bennifer’s original love story from the 2000s or a meditation on the time princess Anne was almost kidnapped, we explain why each saga captured our imaginations back in the day. Sadaf and I also ask, would these stories be as scandalous if they happened in 2021? The answers to that question might surprise you!

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This week’s installment of The Reheat explores the House of Gucci Murder. But unlike Ridley Scott’s upcoming film starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, you don’t have to wait until late November to listen to our podcast! We have all the fascinating details about the most fashionable crime ever committed.

Patrizia Gucci Was The Liz Taylor Of Designer Fashion

In 1995, Patrizia Reggiani paid hit men to murder her former husband, Maurizio. And because Maurizio was the heir to the Gucci fortune, the salacious story became international news. Patrizia, the woman at the centre of the scandal. Dubbed The Black Widow by the Italian press, Patrizia’s story was an international sensation.

Before becoming a so-called Black Widow, Patrizia Gucci was a fashion icon. In the 70s and 80s, the socialite hung out with the likes of Jackie Kenndy Onassis (How fancy!). Patrizia was a stylish woman for sure (I mean, she was a Gucci), and it didn’t hurt that she had movie-star good looks. In fact, she was often compared to film legend Elizabeth Taylor. Bellisimo!

Maurizio Gucci Sent a Friend To Inform His Wife He Was Leaving Her

Leaving your wife for more than a decade is a big decision. After sharing a decade of marriage and two daughters with Patrizia, you’d assume Maurizio Gucci would have the decency to consciously uncouple with his wife. Well, you’d assume wrong. Maurizio told his wife he was headed on a business trip. Soon afterward, he had a friend drop by to inform his wife they would no longer be married. That is ice cold!

Now, I am not trying to justify what Patrizia did later (it is categorically wrong to murder one’s husband); however, Maurizio’s chickenshit approach to the dissolution of marriage leaves something to be desired. I mean, he really is the bad guy in the story, until the part where he gets murdered. Obviously, Gucci didn’t deserve to die for his sins, but I would have been okay with Patrizia publishing a juicy tell-all!

Patrizia Tried To Pin The Murder on Her Psychic 

It took a while (almost two YEARS) for the authorities to arrest Patrizia; however, Reggiani didn’t go down without a fight! At trial, she suggested her friend/psychic Pina Auriemma. But unfortunately for Patrizia, there was a clear money trail connecting her with the hitmen who killed her former husband.

Patrizia Reggiani Had a Pet Ferret In Prison

Reggiani was eventually sentenced to 26 years in prison. But she wasn’t lonely behind bars. The Italian authorities permitted Patrizia to keep a pet ferret. One thing is for certain, Patrizia is never boring!


Sarah Sahagian

Sarah Sahagian

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