The Best Game Streaming Platforms for 2021

Whether you want to stream your favourite games or watch others playing, there are a growing number of game streaming platforms out there. Here are the best ones to use in 2021.



Twitch remains the granddaddy of game streaming platforms, and in the face of recent competition from other streaming sites, Twitch has upped its game lately to ensure it remains the dominant streaming platform. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional gamer, it is easy to share speed runs, walkthroughs, and demos with your followers. You can stream any game, from RPGs to e-sports to live casino games. Twitch has an easy-to-use interface with many flexible options, and it is free to access too. But if you’re serious about streaming games and becoming well-known among gamers, consider upgrading to the Twitch Turbo account that provides a wealth of customizable options as well as exclusive promotions and access to additional chat rooms.


YouTube Gaming

While anything can be streamed on YouTube, and it is not the most attractive gaming platform available, it still has a dedicated group of game streamers. YouTube Gaming also allows you to potentially reach a lot more viewers and followers than you would find on smaller game streaming sites. YouTube Gaming is easy to use, and it supports videos with 4k resolution at 60 frame-per-second rates. It also has a unique transcoding feature that enables viewers of games to organise their favourite YouTube streamers. 



Some gamers turn away from the big platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming in favour of smaller sites like the excellent Smashcast. However, Smashcast is growing so rapidly that it could soon be one of the big boys itself. One advantage of streaming on smaller platforms is you get to be a big fish in a small pond, meaning it is easier to get noticed by viewers and build up a following. Smashcast arose from the ashes of Hitbox and Smashcast features an attractive interface, a gorgeous colour scheme, and detailed video categorisation features. The platform also allows in-built capture cards and external devices to record live streams.



AfreecaTV, an abbreviation of “Any free broadCasting,” is a P2P streaming service based in South Korea. It began life as a platform for transmitting television channels. Still, it has since become a site where users can upload various content, such as vlogs, artist performances, and video game broadcasts. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular game streaming platforms, and with its live chat and discussion board features, AfreecaTV is excellent for gamers who want to socialise. The streaming platform also provides some of the simplest live streaming options, although the site is a little complex for viewers to use.


Gosu Gamers

One of the best up-and-coming game streaming platforms is Gosu Gamers due to its sole dedication to video game broadcasting. It has some deep ties with the global esports scene, so that you will find lots of e-sports favourites being streamed on Gosu Gamers. The platform’s interface could be a lot better, but Gosu Gamers is still in the process of growing, so it will hopefully improve its user experience over the coming months and years.



CaffeineTV is gaining momentum and quickly rising to compete with the more powerful game streaming platforms. It claims to have some of the fastest streaming available, and it has lots of cool features, including a chat room that is prioritised on who you already know. The social aspect of gaming is high on the list of CaffeineTV’s best features. If you are looking for a welcoming site where it is simple to stream a wide variety of games, CaffeineTV might be what you have been looking for.


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko



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