5 Ways You Can Make Heaps Of Money From Video Games

The video game world is an absolute colossus in this day and age. Sports have always been a huge part of life because of their ability to get away from reality and to experience immense pride of victory – video games have slowly become a big part of that conversation. A decade or two ago, it was just a case of sitting down in your living room or bedroom and tapping away at a few simple commands. Nowadays, we’re in an astonishingly advanced time, and video games are abundant in a lot of people’s lives.

You really can make money from anything these days. You can start a business or conjure up a little side hustle out of whatever you want. Video games are just another example of how you can become a success. Imagine thinking something like this would be possible around fifty years ago. The people of that generation would laugh in your face – that’s a fact. 

It’s true, though, you can now make lots of money from this industry. Whichever avenue you choose to go down in this world could land you in a heap of cash. There are lots of opportunities in this world; all you’d have to do is head into them and work your socks off. While there are many, many aspects of the video game world, here are just six ways you can make money from it:  


Playing Professionally  

We’ll start off with the most desired method. It’s the most desired, but it’s also a pretty difficult method. The reason? Well, it takes skills and sacrifices, of course. Just like soccer players, basketball players, and other players of traditional sports, gamers need to be at the peak of their powers if they want to be professionals. 

Esports is now so big that the professionals taking part are seen as global superstars. LeBron James? David Beckham? Tom Brady? They’re all well-known people. Gamers are starting to hit those heights. If you’re good enough, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t enter competitions and play for money. There are competitions all over the place, so the opportunities are always going to pop up. 

Streaming is another way someone can become a professional video gamer. Over the past decade or so, live streaming gameplay has grown so much. If you think you’re good at gaming, and you’re good in front of a camera, then you may be able to attract viewers. These entertainers make money through donations, advertisements, and sponsorship deals. Of course, the sponsorships only come with immense popularity – they won’t hand over money to just anyone.    



YouTube is a great way of becoming whatever you want to be in this life. Creating and recording video game content, and sticking it on the internet can earn you a fortune. People always want to watch video games as well as play them. If you can provide for the masses, then that’s the supply and demand aspect handled. 

YouTube pay content creators based on how many views they gather. If someone reaches over a certain amount for an extended period of time, then they qualify. Again, you can get sponsorships and take advantage of many other opportunities afterwards.   


Software Developer

If you see yourself as quite a creative person, and you like the idea of creating games yourself, then you could do worse than a career in game development. A lot of coding is involved, so it’s not just a case of picking up a few tricks and landing yourself a cushy job, but it’s a wonderful route to go down once you get started. Video games are only going to become even bigger, so being a part of something so grand could be so very special for you.    


Sell Them Independently 

You don’t have to buy directly from the main retail outlets or from particular consoles. There are heaps of independent sellers that are involved, too, and you could get stuck into that world. Take a little look at other gaming affiliate programs and see if you can’t get a few ideas – some have started off small and become giants. 


Writing About Them  

If you’re not the most hands-on in terms of video games, but you have a massive interest or passion, then you could start up a blog and see where that takes you. Writing about something will never go out of fashion, so you can be safe in the knowledge that this particular avenue would remain youthful. Blogging can make a lot of money from the likes of ads and affiliate marketing, but it could take you further. You could go from writing content about games and consoles on your own site to reporting for big outlets as a journalist. If you’re quite the wordsmith, then this a tremendous route.  



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