TESTED: The Jardin by VegeHome

I’ve wanted to have a garden for the longest time, but I just thought it wasn’t meant to be because I lived in the city without any outdoor space.

I’ve tried buying grow lights and planting seeds, and I must admit, I’ve had some success, but sadly, a lot more failure. So I went in search of a bit of help.

That search led me to VegeHome and The Jardin.



For those of you who don’t know, at home hydroponic grow system has started to rise in popularity in the last decade, and while doing my research, I came across The Jardin one day and had to try it out for myself.

It arrived all perfectly packaged, and as I opened it up and started setting it up, I must admit, I was pretty excited to get it all out and get it going.

The Jardin is an at-home, indoor plant growing system with a water reservoir on the bottom and a light source that connects to sit above. It offers nine slots in which you can plant the herbs and veggies of your choice from their diverse seed pod collection.



Right away, we planted lettuce, bok choy, tatsoi, leaf mustard and basil, and set it up in our main area on a laddered shelf to patiently watch it grow.

Within a few days, we saw some tiny baby plants. Then, within a couple of weeks, we saw them start to pop up, and after a month, we watched them fill in and become the full-grown greens we had been waiting for.



Once the time rolled around to taste them, we have to admit. They were insanely fresh, crispy, and genuinely delicious. The greens grew in perfectly, and not only that, they looked rather pretty while doing so.

Care from day to day is easy since you only have to refill the water once a week and add in the V&G mix that comes with The Jardin, which gets added every two weeks.

The light only needs to be turned on once at the appropriate time, and each day will come on at that time for 12 hours and then shut itself off. We set it to run during the day.



Not only does The Jardin allow you to grow some primo veggies, but it also offers the ability to grow one, two or even nine different kinds. We found that for us, five plants were the perfect fit.

We also found that The Jardin made a great addition to our plant shelf and our kitchen. It was perfect as we made our meals, with the ease of just grabbing what you need fresh anytime you need it.



So, if you’re looking to start growing veggies and herbs at home, may we suggest you try The Jardin for yourself.

For more info and other at-home units, please visit VegeHome today.


(Gifted for review)


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