TESTED: Nature Clean

On our continued mission to make more environmentally friendly choices in our day to day, we’ve made sure to share all our fabulous finds with you, so you can spend less time looking and more time living.

In that search, we recently came across Nature Clean, and as we do, we wanted to test their products in hopes we would like to share them with you, so that’s exactly what we’ll do.

In the early 1960s, after watching his wife suffering allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products, the creator of Nature Clean began developing his own natural formulations. Since then, that same family has continued the tradition of creating healthier, non-toxic alternatives for the products we all use in our homes every day.


So, we tested their Toilet Bowl Cleaning Stirps, Wildflower and Unscented Laundry Detergent Strips, 96% Natural Dishwasher Pacs, and Rinse Agent.


The Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips:

We’ve tested laundry strips before, but until now, we have never tested toilet bowl strips, but we are so glad we did.

No more messy sprays or thick liquids, all you have to do is break off a strip, drop it in the toilet, give it a couple of minutes to start dissolving, and then grab your toilet brush and start scrubbing.



At times, it seems that some people still think that natural cleaning products won’t do as good of a job as harsh cleaning products loaded with chemicals, but the truth is, these powerful blue strips left our toilets shiny and looking their very best, and also left them smelling lightly lime fresh.

We’re now big fans of the Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Strips.


Laundry Detergent Sheets/Strips:

We’ve been using sheets for our laundry for the last few years and haven’t turned back. We have a rule; we use scented strips for sheets and towels and unscented for clothing and pet stuff (for our dog Mantar).



After replacing the stone walkway in the backyard, we washed a slew of muddy clothing, a myriad of dog towels and blankets, and everything came out fresh and clean. Even better, no messy liquid, no bottle, no worries. So, we did ten loads of unscented and ten loads of the wildflower, all in all, while testing and weather muddy, dusty or just lightly worn, everything came perfectly clean (minus any significant stains).

So, to sum up, we are rather addicted to all the strips we tested from Nature Clean, toilet and laundry, but did we love the dishwasher products quite as much?



The answer: Yes!

96% Natural Dishwasher Pacs:

Washing dishes is never a fun job, and until recent years, I’d never had or used a dishwasher. Still, after making a move into a new home, I now have a dishwasher for the second time in the last two years (two moves) and, as such, have been trying to use natural products ever since.

So when I found out that Nature Clean offered 96% natural dishwasher pacs, I wanted to test them out to see how they stack up.

When used in combo with the rising agent, they do a top-notch job of cleaning dishes, which goes for easy and tough to clean ones.



We pre-rinsed some loads and left a caked-on mess on others, and each time the dishes came out sparkling clean and ready to be used again.


Rinse Agent:

As I’ve learned over the last few years, if you don’t use a good rise agent, your dishes usually end up with a film on them or don’t end up as clean as you’re like them to be, so having a great rinse agent is key.

Even better is finding a natural rinse agent that doesn’t leach harsh chemicals into the water system or leave chemicals on kitchenware you eat off of.

Like the pacs, the rinse agent worked perfectly, leaving our dishes shiny and clean.


After testing an array of products from Nature Clean, we can safely say that if you are looking to make the charge to environmentally friendly products, you should take a moment to check out the collection from Nature Clean.


*Products provided for review


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