Styling Tips For Busy Men

Fashion is a difficult thing to master, and as men, we often feel we don’t have much choice other than a different t-shirt to go with our jeans each day.

But as a man, you have a lot of ways to upgrade your style and stand out from the crowd, and today we want to show you how. Here are some of the easiest ways you can up the ante with your fashion and wow the crowd, or online crowd.

If you feel you are too busy for fashion, we’ll prove you wrong with these quick and straightforward ways to elevate any outfit.

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Elevate with accessories

Accessories are not only for women, and there are some fantastic accessories for men to wear each day. For example, Rolex Watches for Men can instantly elevate any look from a three-piece suit to a jacket and jeans. Use accessories such as watches, chains, scarves and sunglasses to bring some style to your outfit and give it that finishing touch.


Get a new ‘do

Hair is a huge feature for a man, and it is something that can change your whole look in seconds. If you are looking to change your style for the better this year, why not look at a haircut? There are lots of brilliant styles to choose from, and skin fades are all in the rage at the moment. Take a look at what’s trending and consider making your hair more modern and keeping with the style of the decade. It will make your whole face and features look better and vamp up your look and style. 


Consider different colours

Colour combinations are an essential part of your style, and you must know what colours work with others. If you want to be stylish and effortless all year long, you should start to learn more about colour and which colours complement others and which don’t. For example; a popular combination is a navy blue and black – however contrary to popular belief. These colours don’t go well together because they look too similar and don’t mix. If you are wearing a navy shirt, consider a light grey or tan pant instead to go with it. If you are wearing a black shirt, black pants or grey pants, work wonders. Knowing how to pair colours together is a skill that you will learn over time and the easiest way to remember this is to start looking online at male models to see how they style their outfits and what colours they put together. Start understanding how one colour can dull another out or make it shine, and this will bring a whole new facet to your style. 


The pea coat

A pea coat is a winter essential every man needs in his wardrobe. A good pea coat is a stunning layer to add over the top of a winter outfit, and it can make a world of difference to your look. Elegant and straightforward, a navy or black pea coat goes with everything and will take you from normal man to high fashion in seconds. Bring a touch of sophistication to your look this year with a pea coat, and you will immediately feel more stylish and much more confident in yourself. 


Use layers in winter

Scarves, jackets, and gloves can be a useful winter accessory to take you from ordinary to sophisticated. In winter it is a good idea for you to layer up your outfits with a good pair of black leather gloves and a scarf that offers a pop of colour such as mustard yellow or red. Pairing this with your regular suit for work will give you an air of high fashion, and it will make people turn their heads to see you. Layers can pull an outdoor together and elevate something from regular to spectacular in minutes. 


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