String Theory: Are You A Stringer or a Stringee + PODCAST

Back burnering, stringing along or on the hook. No matter what you call it, ambiguous relationships are damaging and confusing for everyone involved. Burners, strings and hooks are dangerous physical objects and emotional tactics! You deserve kindness and clarity in your relationships dynamics.

(Listen to You Do You, Episode 69: String Theory – Are You A Stringer or a Stringee? below)

This week, Sarah and I talk about being a stringer vs. a stringee and how that can show up in your relationships. Here is a description of being a stringer and a stringee to let you know if you are falling prey to one of these classic toxic relationship dynamics!

Stringer: a stringer is characterized as someone who has been in a series of long term relationships within taking things to “the next level” ie a real commitment.

Stringee: one of the partners in the aforementioned Stringer’s long term relationship.

Want to learn how to avoid this particular dating pitfall, or identify if you’re currently struggling with it in your own relationship, or just want to be entertained?  Listen to this week’s podcast below!

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Kaley Ames

Kaley Ames

Contributor at Addicted
Kaley Ames is a feminist stylist, PR consultant and podcaster living in downtown Toronto. She traded in a career in politics to help people express their personalities through fashion, beauty and storytelling. Kaley is a co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast and holds a masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University. She can often be seen at the movie theatre watching the latest blockbuster hit or watering her many houseplants.
Kaley Ames
Kaley Ames