Minor relationship betrayals can have major effects+ PODCAST!

Weird betrayals are the minor conflicts that can become major issues in relationships. Sarah and I recorded this episode before the COVID-19 lockdown began, but we must have felt something in the air. Partners are now either forced to spend long periods of time together or apart. They will have to make weird compromises and promises they never thought they’d have to make, or potentially break.

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Set the scene: you live with your partner. They love cheesecake. You love cheesecake. There’s one piece of cheesecake left in the refrigerator. Your partner is running errands for the day. What do you do, do you eat it, or text your partner asking if you can eat it, or do you save it for them?

Another scene: you are social distancing away from your partner. You started watching Tiger King together over Netflix Party Time on quarantine day 10. Now it’s day 14 and you want to keep watching but your partner is tied up in Zoom meetings and work reports. You keep watching without your partner.  Do you:  confess to watching without them, or pretend you didn’t watch the episode already when your partner is done with work and ready to Netflix Party and Chill?

Weird relationships betrayals like these may seem frivolous, but they can take up an enormous amount of emotional space in relationships because they are often evidence of a much bigger issue. These relationships betrayals often come down to communication, or a lack thereof, and feeling prioritized in one’s relationship. By contrast, gestures of thoughtfulness can really add up and make you or your partner feel special and help form a deeper bond.

Give a listen to this week’s episode and consider the weird relationship betrayals that may exist in your relationship and how you can navigate them!

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Kaley Ames

Kaley Ames

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Kaley Ames is a feminist stylist, PR consultant and podcaster living in downtown Toronto. She traded in a career in politics to help people express their personalities through fashion, beauty and storytelling. Kaley is a co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast and holds a masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University. She can often be seen at the movie theatre watching the latest blockbuster hit or watering her many houseplants.
Kaley Ames
Kaley Ames