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Areas with bad or no wifi, being over or not having a data plan or just having a dead phone, there are so many reasons we might not be able to stay connected when travelling. Whether it’s a road trip, a week-long adventure in the countryside, or maybe even camping, while many of us love to disconnect, that doesn’t mean we actually want to be discounted, and that’s where a global 5g mobile hotspot device comes in super handy.

Since we didn’t know too much about them before now, we wanted to learn more and test two devices to see if they work and what the benefits are and share that with you.

So, today, we focus on the Numen Air and the UPP.


The Numen Air:

The Numen Air offers a touch screen for easy use of this global 5G mobile hotspot device. With easy set-up and even easier use, this fantastic device offers excellent wifi for over 12 hours and allows up to 16 devices to connect.

After the initial set-up, you have to turn on the device and connect. It’s really that easy.

The Numen Air is roaming and sim free, has a 5400 mAH battery, and charges via a type c connection. The device some in black (shown below) and red and retails for 349.99 USD.

We have to admit, not only I this a quality device, but it’s also really darn handy, and the only thing you need along with it, is a data pack from Glocalme for the devices, which also works in over 50 countries and is available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.


The UPP:

If you’re looking for basic coverage and a device with a lower price, the UPP may be the perfect pick. It offers 4G coverage while on the go.

With the UPP, you can connect up to 8 devices to access wifi from anywhere. This device is easy to use. This device is much more basic than the Numen Air but just as handy.

By downloading the GlocalMe App, you can connect to the device and your account and keep track of data used and remaining. That way, with this sleek little device, you can stay connected on the go and offer the same to your crew or family.

It comes in blue (shown above) and white and retails for 89.99 USD.


GlocalMe, the makers of both devices, offer free domestic shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year warranty on both devices, so if there are any issues, you are covered.

We tested the Numen Air and the UPP, and honestly, we love both. They are just that easy to use and convenient, so much so that we want to give one of you and UPP of your very own! It’s easy to see how handy their devices could be for a family, a group travelling, or even someone whos solo on a business trip.


Enter to win the UPP from GlocalMe below:



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