Mauvey Releases Empowering New Single ‘The King’

Following the release of his 2021 mixtape, The Florist, Mauvey continues his message of distributing love with The King, an inspiring and uplifting track championing equality and respect for each other.

“Throughout history ‘Kings’ (men) have been the most important people, the most protected people and the most respected people,” says Mauvey, “I wanted to write a song tearing that apart. THE KING is a redistribution of power and respect to everyone, especially the immensely powerful women we have in our world.”

We caught up with Mauvey to dive deeper into the narrative he’s created in The King and learn more about what we can expect next from him.


The last time we spoke, you had just released The Florist, a series of tracks with a compilation of videos making up a short film. Since its release, The Florist made waves on radio, landing #21 on the Earshot Top 50 Chart, #27 on the NACC Top 200 Chart, #8 on NACC Electronic Chart, #17 on NACC Hip Hop Chart. How does it feel to see the positive reception for The Florist?

It’s truly surreal. I had no idea what to expect when I put the Florist out. I started work on new music the second I finished the Florist. I moved on so quickly because I was actually quite nervous as to how people would receive the mixtape. I didn’t give myself time to digest the project at all. So, to say I was surprised at the positive feedback would be an understatement. I hoped people would like it, but I could not have expected the success on radio and all the support from new and existing fans.

You’ve now released a new track, The King. The Florist had a clear narrative tying it all together. How does this new single tie into the world you created in The Florist? Or are we now entering a new narrative with the release of The King

We are still in the same world, the characters from the Florist will reappear throughout the visuals I’m putting out this year. There is one huge difference in this 2022 set of visuals, and that’s the introduction of the Martian character. It will all make sense as the new visuals are released throughout the year.

The very ending of the video for The King is grand and intriguing. It makes it feel like more is coming. Can we expect more videos with a similar narrative? 

Absolutely. We haven’t seen the last of Her Majesty THE KING and the MARTIAN.

You said that The King is about a redistribution of power and respect to everyone, especially the immensely powerful women we have in our world. What inspired you to write a song like this?  

My career as a musician, my life as a human is to distribute love. We can’t have love without first being equal. For centuries, men have been the most protected, the most important, the most celebrated and the most powerful people and the title of the KING has always been the highest position, the highest honour. I wrote this song to tear that apart. If THE KING is the highest position, the highest honour, then YOU’RE THE KING! I’m speaking to everyone, no one is more valuable than anyone else.

You’ve been keeping busy with a string of live performances this summer. How are you preparing for each live show? 

I try to play a different set at each live show, wear a different one-of-a-kind outfit to each live show and deliver THE SAME MESSAGE each show. I prepare by rehearsing with the various line-up options I have. The most important thing is to know the songs inside out. The more I know the songs, the easier it is to completely lose myself in the performance and the clearer it becomes to communicate my message.

When you perform live, you make it your mission to tell the people in the crowd they’re important and deserving of love. What has the reception to that been like in places you’ve never performed before? 

The reception has been overwhelming. People of all ages, genders and interests have cried, right there in front of me. People have sent very encouraging messages. But more than anything, while I’m talking, people are silent, listening, that’s the best reception you could ask for.

Listen to The King here 

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