Making layers fashionable as fall turns to winter

The temperature outside is falling, and pulling out all my fall fashion pieces is the best part of that process.  Any fall wardrobe will often feature warm and cozy clothing like sweaters, scarves, and boots, along with denim of course.  Earthy tones and deep colors are popular during this season, and layering is a must to stay comfortable in changing temperatures.  Layering is key concept in fall fashion, so we can you to create outfits that stylish and functional, while remaining adaptable to whatever a beautiful fall day may bring.

I went back to my casual basics favourite Mott & Bow to see what they had in store to help me stay warm and feel fashionable as fall turns to winter.  And they definitely had me covered.

Layer for warmth – Cashmere Sweaters 

I absolutely adore cashmere, and it’s a luxurious and cozy choice for fall fashion. Cashmere sweaters, scarves, and even cashmere-blend coats are just the thing to add a touch of elegance to any autumn wardrobe. A cozy combination of warmth and softness, cashmere clothing can be a perfect complement to the season’s chillier weather.  Mott & Bow has a beautiful collection of Cashmere Sweaters that are knit from the highest quality grade A cashmere yarn for a soft touch, while being pill resistant to ensure longevity.  If you’re looking for something a little lighter, Mott & Bow also offers a cotton cashmere blend long sleeved shirt that is soft and comfortable with the lightness of cotton blended in.

Layer for function – Denim

Denim lovers love fall – it’s the best time to break out all the jeans we were too warm to wear all summer, and it’ a versatile and timeless addition to fall fashion.  It’s easy to incorporate denim jeans, jackets, and even denim shirts into an autumn wardrobe for a classic and stylish look.  Denim also pairs well with other fall pieces, like our cashmere sweaters from above, and can be dressed up or down.  When it comes to layering, I like a skinny jean that will fit snuggly under a sweater and tuck neatly into warm socks slid into boots.  Mott & Bow’s High Rise Skinny Orchard Jeans work very well for this purpose, with a forgiving style, over 50% stretch to ensure comfort and flexibility.

Layer for fashion – the long sleeve tshirt

Long-sleeved clothing is a practical choice for fall fashion When it comes to fall looks, coverage is key, and can help layering look cooler while feeling warmer. Long-sleeve shirts, dresses, and tops help keep you warm and are great for layering with sweaters or jackets, providing both style and comfort during the cooler months.  I love the Long Sleeve Marcy Tee from Mott & Bow.  Like their popular short sleeve t-shirts, these pieces are buttery soft and made from cotton, and come in some great colours. I love this deep red colour, that reminds me of the changing leaves, and looks great with all denim shades, and really pops under a sleek leather jacket.


Head over to Mott & Bow for your fall fashion essentials.  Stay warm out there!

Mott & Bow

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly