Make A Trip To New York Extra Special

There are some destinations that really stand out among all the others. New York is one such destination. Indeed, this is probably, for many, the ultimate destination. It’s a city that’s rich in history, is accommodating for tourists, offers oh so much, and has, without doubt, earned its reputation as one of the world’s greatest cities. If you haven’t yet taken a trip but have plans to, or have been before but want to make your next visit extra special, take a read below. There, we outline a few tried and tested ways to make the trip extra special.

Photo by Quintin Gellar.


Where To Stay

In some corners of the world, a hotel room is just a hotel room. In New York, it’s an extension of your stay, or it can be at least. When you’re planning a trip, look at finding the best hotel. By far the most important factor will be the location. New York is a big place, but the actual area in which you’ll want to spend time is relatively small — it’ll be mostly confined to the region of Manhattan below 110th street, and perhaps some areas of Brooklyn. Look for a hotel there, so you can always be in the New York groove (rather than having to take public transport to another corner of the city).


Special Events

It’s always fun to visit New Year because there are so many permanent attractions for visitors to enjoy. But it’s worthwhile looking at those one-off events that take place throughout the year. For example, it can be pretty special to watch the amazing July 4th fireworks that take place over the river, especially if you have a good vantage point. Other options include spending New Year’s Eve there or attending the Thanksgiving parade.


Bring the Romance

It’s fun to visit New York in any capacity, including if you’re by yourself, with friends, or the family. But it becomes a little extra special when you’re visiting with your loved one. The city more than provides for a special, romantic trip. During your visit, look at booking a table at one of the many restaurants with a view; it’ll be a special night that you both remember for a long time. Other romantic activities involve taking a stroll through Central Park, or nestling yourself in the corner of one of the many cosy bars that dot the city. 


Winter Magic

A lot of people like to take their trips during the summer, but there’s much to be said for taking a trip to New York in winter. If there’s snow on the ground, you’ll find that there’s a charm in the air that can be hard to identify, and which doesn’t exist anywhere else.


Take it All In

Finally, perhaps the best way to make your trip to the city extra special is to slow down and take it all in. If you can avoid rushing, you’ll see the magic of the city everywhere — it really is a one of a kind city! 


Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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