Stylish Men’s Accessories for a Classy Event

Fashion styles change by the season. In fact, they change mid-season, too, with micro trends assisting some of the headline looks, and while we love watching trends we also love buying quality clothing and pieces that can stay with us for years.

When it comes to men’s attire, we’ve already seen vests, glitter and the return of Bermuda shorts for spring/ summer ’24. But there are some looks that are timeless, like a great sweater, a well-made pair of jeans or a black blazer.

One way to stay looking your best, whatever the season, is to focus on accessories. Here’s a roundup of smart accessories that can be worn to an event – or even the office.


The watch

A watch is a must-have accessory for any smart event. The right watch elevates your outfit and adds a touch of class. Plus, they’re practical, giving you a chance to keep track of the evening. 

If you’re looking for the ideal timepiece, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from. You might want to stick to neutrals, with classic blue dials and steel straps, or opt for a pop of colour. For something that works with smart attire, Breitling watches inject fashion and personality into any suit and come in a selection of designs that can fit any situation.


The Tie

A tie can round off an ensemble and bring your look together. This timeless accessory has been seen on singers and the runways at Hilfiger and Prada recently, showcasing the neckwear’s longevity. 

While it’s known for being the ultimate piece of formalwear, with its links to meetings in the office, there’s been something of a rebrand lately. If you’re planning to wear a tie to the next smart function, it’s possible to go for brighter colours or narrower designs to really make an impact and reflect your personality. 


The Belt

Look for belts made of genuine leather or similarly durable materials. A belt should ideally be suitable for a range of functions and situations, so planning beyond this event is key. 

If you want something a little off the beaten track, however, why not try belts made of unusual materials or colourful designs? You’ll find contrasting textures, patterns and materials that can enhance your outfit. 


The Jewellery

Rings can be a fun addition to an outfit and round off your overall look. If you’re married, you might already wear your wedding band, but you could try adding a signet ring to your little finger or a sleek metal to your middle finger. 

You can go big or keep things simple – the choice is yours.


One more thing

As summer approaches, it’s time to break out the sunglasses. These are both stylish and practical, as it’s important to protect your eyes in the sunlight. Plus, sunglasses complete a look and can make you look smart. 


What events do you have in the diary? Do you have your outfits ready?



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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