Maisie Peters Live at HISTORY 

The Good Witch Comes to North America Tour made its fifth stop at Toronto’s HISTORY on August 14, 2023. This tour is supporting Maisie Peters’ sophomore album, released in June of this year. The last time Maisie was in Toronto was in November 2022 for the I’m Telling The Whole Of America Tour at Phoenix Concert Theatre.  

Special guest Grace Enger kicked off the night with her song, Bad Guy. With an intimate lighting setup, audience members were captivated. All eyes were on her as she strummed her guitar to each chord progression and delivered strong emotions throughout her performance. She continued to play songs from her latest album, Well Here We Are. Enger followed by performing an unreleased single and an acoustic rendition of Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Her set had good spacing allowing her to engage with her fans between songs. At one point, the audience had their flashlights out, waving their arms side to side.  

During the transition, you cannot help but notice the enormous text prop being added in the background that said, “THE GOOD WITCH” Behind it were flowing curtains resembling clouds. The theme mimicked the look of her album cover. Lighting production also went above and beyond with the tube lights on the band’s platform and the lighting panels on each side of the stage. 

Soon after, the band slowly approached the stage and played first, followed by Maisie. Greeted by loud cheers from the sold-out crowd, she enthusiastically swayed and skipped to each side of the stage, waving to her fans as she performed The Good Witch and Coming of Age to begin her set. Her excellent stage presence, complemented by the lighting, got everyone hooked. She switched to playing the acoustic guitar while performing throughout the night. The crowd went wild when she performed empowering songs like; You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man) and Run. Maisie also performed an acoustic medley; she reflected on her journey from 2017 and how she feels like she grew up with everyone in attendance and accomplished milestones together, leading to her singing a cover of the chorus of Night Changes by One Direction. She highlighted her bandmates transitioning to the song, The Band and I, a song she wrote about them during their last tour. Nearing the night’s end, energy was still high before capping off her set, leaving her Toronto fans a memorable experience. 

Maisie Peter’s songwriting and relatability have amassed her a loyal fanbase. Her evolution attests to her artistry and her potential impact on the industry.   

Maisie Peters Concert Setlist at The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto on November 6, 2022 | 

  1. The Good Witch 
  2. Coming of Age 
  3. Body Better 
  4. Love Him I Don’t 
  5. Wendy 
  6. You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man) 
  7. Watch 
  8. John Hughes Movie 
  9. Two Weeks Ago / Worst of You / Night Changes / You Signed Up for This (One Direction cover) 
  10. Run 
  11. The Band and I 
  12. Not Another Rockstar 
  13. Blonde 
  14. I’m Trying (Not Friends) 
  15. BSC 
  16. There It Goes 
  17. Cate’s Brother 
  18. History of Man 
  19. Lost the Breakup 
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