Life Is Beautiful 2023: The Biggest Summer Ending Party

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for nightlife, clubs, concerts, and amazing food. Not to mention the very hot, dry days. Life Is Beautiful is a celebration of all of these wonderful experiences and more, providing a weekend of good vibes and a lifetime of memories. 

With the festival underway, the stages and artists playing them are crafted in an almost perfect harmony. The stages are separated between the buildings of downtown Las Vegas, allowing an uninterrupted listening experience. As for the artists’ performances themselves, it was unforgettable. 

This lineup was stacked from top to bottom. Everyone from Khalid, The Killers, Yung Gravy, Nelly, The 1975, and Kendrick Lamar to capstone each night. On top of that, artists like Winston Surfshirt, The Wombats, and Slayyyter made for some awesome performances as well, and personal highlights of mine. These shows were all backed up by a fantastic food and drink selection near every single stage, bearing reasonably priced but absolutely delicious options. 

In its 10th anniversary, the Life Is Beautiful festival did not disappoint, and I hope for years to come that the festival provides more lifetime memories for all who wish to make the journey to the high desert. To those who attended, you know that this Sin City celebration of life welcomes you with open arms.

Words and photos by Conor Lacefield


Aron Harris
Aron Harris is ADDICTED Magazine's music editor as well as a contributor. As a graphic designer, writer and photographer, you can find his work all over ADDICTED. He also geeks out over watches, pizza, bass guitars and the Grateful Dead.