Jacob Banks at HISTORY in Toronto

Known for his vocal prowess, Nigerian-born English singer-songwriter Jacob Banks headlined at HISTORY on October 26, 2022, along with Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac. Fans were thrilled to see both artists as they were set to perform songs from their recently released albums, Matter of Time (Meg Mac) and Lies About the War (Jacob Banks).

Meg Mac set the tone and captivated the audience as she reflected on her real-life experiences and struggles that were translated through her music. Highlights like Letter, and Is It Worth Being Sad, showed her intentions and profound meanings that connected throughout her performance.

With the mood set right, Jacob Banks then took the stage, greeted by a loud cheer from the crowd who last saw the artist back in November 2019. Jacob stayed true to form exuding passion throughout his set. He presented a good assortment of songs, from old hits to the most recent. Each song conveyed a wide range of genres such as gospel, soul, and R&B, all complemented by his rich vocals. Halfway through the show, he also brought out a guitar and played a cover of Swim Good by Dermot Kennedy. Jacob ended the night with one of his touted hits, Chainsmoking completing an outstanding performance.

Words and photos by Von Valdez.


Aron Harris
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