Eight Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied During Quarantine

Over 70 percent of Americans support the stay-at-home orders in place right now, which means that a third of us are at home with kids right now.  Although we love to spend time with our children and want to make the most of this- many of us still have to work from home.

That can mean something different for everyone, but if you’ve found yourself lost in what to do about your kids- here are some tips on things to keep children eleven and younger busy.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon.


Make Art And Stories

Kids have the most incredible imaginations.  Let them put those to work by providing them with paper, a tablet, or a notebook to create art.  Ask for them to make a story to present to you at the end of your workday, or by the time you get finished cooking or cleaning, and let them get to work.  You’ll get blown away at what they can invent.


Have a Scavenger Hunt

This option can take a little more work, but it can be just as rewarding.  Easter has passed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop hiding things around your home.  Use those empty eggs (or anything small) and stash them around the house.  They can have anything from coins to stickers- and you can even let your kids have a contest for who finds the most.


Use Your Yard

Although we aren’t able to mingle in public, around 60% of kids have a yard they can play in.  Help them set up a water slip and slide, or other fun summer things that will help them get a little summer normalcy.


Don’t Fear Mess

Kids are messy. That’s a fact of life.  Encourage them to build blanket forts, agility courses, and other fun structures in the house and yard.  You can always take it down later, and have them help you clean up.


Invest In Their Hobbies

If your kid likes model planes, buy them a new one- if they draw, then give them a sketchbook!  Money may be tight for you like it is for many Americans right now, so don’t be embarrassed about using a Walmart coupon code.  Your kids deserve to have fun.


Help Them Be Creative

If you kids don’t know what to do with their time, inspire them.  Don’t laugh at their ideas or call anything dumb or stupid; let them know they can trust you to listen to them.  Kids are smart and value your opinion.


Give Them Responsibility

A little responsibility can help them go a long way.  When cooking, give your kids tasks like peeling potatoes or breaking the ends off of green beans or asparagus.  Let them feed pets and refill their water dishes.  These are rewarding tasks that you can complete with them.


Have Fun With Them

Kids are going to be more bored now than they ever have been in their life.  They’ll miss their friends, teachers, and other relatives as much as you’ll miss your friends and other relatives.  Be kind, patient, and play with them to let them know you’re in this together.


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!