Harriette Live at The Velvet Underground

Texan indie pop singer-songwriter Harriette performed at The Velvet Underground on May 23, 2023. This marked the seventh stop of the superglue tour opening for the pop duo joan.

Accompanied by her best friend, guitarist Puma, both took the stage and wasted no time. Getting right to the action, opening with the title track, i heart the internet, from her latest EP, followed by Goodbye Texas, Black and Blue, and Fucking Married. Harriette quickly charmed the audience with her sweet voice and soft vocals. As she continued her set, you could not help but notice her distinct twang that complimented well with the folky guitar sounds alongside the backing track. Her liveliness and engaging charisma allowed her to connect with the crowd effortlessly. Harriette also played the acoustic guitar on some songs, which showed how versatile of a musician she is. In moments, she would ask questions to the crowd, when answered, led to the transition to the next song. Being relatable, she also referenced TikTok trends. At the end of every song, she even got everyone to say slay (killed it. succeeded in something amazing.) as Puma and her curtsied. She would share the significance of performing in Toronto, where she worked on and completed her EP. In the end, they waved the fans goodbye leaving an exceptional performance for them to remember.

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