Guide to Skin Care Routine for Seasonal Changes

As the seasons change, differences in the weather can bring changes to our skin. This is why it’s also necessary to make sure that you’re changing your skincare routine in time for the change in seasons. Here are some tips to help you keep your skin smooth:

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Use a different cleanser

When the seasons change, so does the climate, and among the first thing you need to adjust is your cleanser. There’s a common misconception that a cleanser is something that you can use year-round. However, there are some moisturisers you need to refrain from using during certain seasons. 

For example, while you may be using an exfoliating cleanser from summer. Change it up to a non-exfoliating one this fall. Your skin will need hydration with cooler, dryer weather. It’s best to go for more lightweight products so your skin can breathe easier.

Do your homework and look for a cleanser suitable for use during the current season. You can find high-quality acne solutions here that will agree with your skin. Make sure to choose one that is gentle and non-drying.


Change Your Moisturizer

You may also need to change your moisturiser from summer to fall if you want to prevent your skin from drying up. Remember, the fall air is much drier, requiring you to use a heavier moisturiser to afford it better protection. It’s also important to consider products with hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Ensure that you also stay away from those that have salicylic acid.


Invest in Vitamins-Enriched Serums

As the season transitions from summer to fall, using a vitamin-infused serum can help your skin brighten up from the summer sun. Try loading up on serums rich in vitamins A and C. Use the vitamin C serum in the morning and the retinol-infused cream at night to help prevent rapid skin ageing and promote brighter skin tone. A Cosmelan peel can also help you address pigmentation issues caused by too much sun exposure during the summer season.


Do Careful Exfoliation

While you may need to change your cleanser to a non-exfoliating one, it’s still important to do careful exfoliation to remove the dead cells and prevent substance build-up on your skin. As you apply retinol on your skin, remember that your skin may only tolerate vitamin A for up to three nights per week when the climate is dry. When doing so, make sure that you’re doing gentle exfoliation when not applying retinol. This will allow your skin to absorb the vitamins better the next time you use them.


Do a Complete Skin Care Routine

Remember that your skincare routine should be complete. While you may want to focus on your cheeks, you should also do the same care for your neck and chest area, particularly if they are equally exposed to UV rays. It would be best to focus on caring for your eyes and lips, as they can also get dry as the weather changes. Applying ointment on your lips can help prevent cracking due to the dry air.


Visit Your Dermatologist

If you’re going to change a lot of products in your arsenal, make sure to set a time to visit your dermatologist so they can advise you on what products would work best for your skin type. They can also do some procedures to help you address some of the most pressing skincare issues you may have.


Use Sunscreen Religiously

Some think that sunscreen should only be used when going out and before being exposed to the sun. However, sunscreen should be used even when it’s cloudy, as UV rays are still present. While you can use the one with a lower SPF rating, it’s still important to include it as part of your routine. 


Now that you have these tips in mind, make sure to follow them to retain perfect skin as the seasons change. Consider it your self-care routine.



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